05 May 2017

2017 Utah Campus Compact Award Winners

Congratulations to our Award Winners for 2017!

Amber Rowlett: Community Engaged Alumnus

"I find that being involved in the community makes you feel like you are a part of what's going on. You just feel better about the way things are going. You cant feel better about they way things are going if you don't contribute to bring about that change."

Andrea Malouf: Community Engaged Faculty

"I think it comes down to Maya Angelou’s “If you want don’t like something, change it.” I don’t like that good people suffer from poverty, discrimination or the same access to resources and opportunities. I may not be able to change these issues, but working with teens experiencing homelessness or people living with MS or undocumented students applying for DACA can make a difference."

 Kellie Mieremet of the Family Support Center: Committed Community Partner

“I loved my time working with students and I love my time working in the social sector. Being a co-educator allows me to engage both passions at once.”

 Rommy Muñoz Velez: Community Engaged Student  

“When I started the America Reads program, I hadn’t decided on my major. It was through the experience of working with the children at the YMCA that made me more interested in psychology. It’s been an enriching opportunity to learn about early childhood development in the classroom and apply what I would learn through America Reads.”

Will Unga: Community Engaged Staff

"I’ve had the great privilege of learning from Emma Lou Thayne. She has given so much. She once told me the best way that people gain in life is giving and has given a lot of herself in life. I feel privileged to be a part of the Thayne Center and to have known Emma Lou. It has been extremely enriching. Everybody matters. It’s important to help everyone know that everything matters and that students can do anything."

For more photos of the event, please go to The Fountain Blog.

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