13 April 2017

Why use an Official Thayne Center Community Partner?

1.      Liability coverage! Our partners have an agreement on file that states that they either a) have liability insurance or b) have a waiver of liability. The agreement also protects you if something bad happens when students are out supporting the organization.

2.      It will save you time and energy! We have a full-time staff member in the Thayne Center who is dedicated to cultivating partnerships. They are there to help do the legwork, follow up and assist with communication. They can provide context to better understanding current community partners, and help to facilitate conversations, meetings, and even class presentations.

3.      Continuity of Partnerships! We all know that the base of partnerships is relationships. This can often be a challenge when staffing turnover happens, or agency’s shift their programs or priorities. The Thayne Center is in constant communication with our partners. This helps to provide continuity and orientating the new person to SLCC and our systems. We are also able to provide additional technical support.

4.      Strategic alignment across interdisciplinary approaches! We love to facilitate conversations across schools, departments or programs to strengthen learning communities or engaged departments with strategic community partners. We have a big picture understanding of the work happening within our community. There is a lot happening across our college with learning communities and interdisciplinary approaches to course content and learning objectives. We can help to facilitate conversations and partnerships with that big picture in mind.

5.      (Almost) Anyone can be a partner! In alignment with our institution’s open access philosophy in congruence with our mission, vision, and values, we approach partnerships in the same way. This has cultivated a diverse group of Community Partners and opportunities—we can help find the right fit for everyone and will continue to seek out strategic partnerships to help fill in gaps. If faculty are currently working with community partners not listed, we are eager to help bring those partners on in a formal capacity.

6.      Partnership Development! We hold training, networking, and facilitated conversations throughout the year with our partners. We cover topics like risk management, orientation, share best practices and so much more. Partners learn to embrace being a co-educator with your students enriching their experiences

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact  the Community Partnerships Coordinator:  Rebecca Van Maren at Rebecca.VanMaren@slcc.edu  or 801-957-4674


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