31 October 2016

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Wasatch Community Gardens is looking for a group of great interns. Applications are open now until filled, with roles starting in January.

For 25 years, Wasatch Community Gardens provides Salt Lake Valley residents the opportunity and knowledge to grow their own food in urban gardens, while aiming to help improve access to healthy, organic, local food. 

Wasatch Community Gardens lends support to more than 33 community gardens, they provide opportunities for more than 1,600 primarily low-income youth to learn about growing and eating healthy food. 

They Educate more than 400 people in 50 workshops that speak to a variety of topics raning from starting a community garden to canning and preserving produce.

They donate more than 5,000 pounds of produce annually to our local food pantries.

Excited to support their work? Check out these awesome opportunities:

Have questions about the internships? Contact Susan Finlayson at susan@wasatchgardens.org

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