31 March 2016

CES - April Blog Prompt

Dennis Roberts said, “Those of us inspirited by the call to make a difference in the world have no choice but to take the journey of self-discovery.” 

What have you discovered about yourself this year as you have served the community and worked as a CES?


  1. Lenora Monge-RamirezTuesday, April 05, 2016

    CES - April Blog Prompt
    That being a great listener is such a great skill. I have learned that I like to observe what I am doing and take that and figure out better ways to be efficient and ensure that I am using all of my resources to benefit the project. I don't have to do all of it and everything;what I can do is enough.

  2. It is funny that this is the blog prompt for this month because I was actually just thinking about this while volunteering the other day! Something in specific that I have discovered about myself as I have served the community and worked as a CES is the kind of volunteer work that I enjoy the most. I for sure have my favored community partners and I am so excited that I will still be able to work with them once I have graduated this program.

    If I applied this question to interpersonal skills, I have realized that sometimes I spread myself too thin and it doesn't allow me to be the best that I could be in each area. I was so worried about getting everything done before a certain deadline that I was signing up for too many classes, trying to volunteer, work, and maintain somewhat of a life. I am glad that I went through this experience because I have come to learn what I value most in life. I have also learned that life is not a race and I should be doing the very best I can, instead of trying to get my college career done as fast as I can.

  3. I have grown a lot with my experiences from this year. One MAJOR thing I've learned is that everything is a work in progress. Nothing is going to happen over night so the process is more about finding the in-betweens to work on while you're waiting.

    That simple idea has made a world of difference regarding my outlook, patients, and the way I perceive the people I encounter. By creating this change, I've been able to slow my own reactions and thoughts down, allowing me to delve into the idea and thoughts that others have a round me.

    I have also been able to learn about the things that I love and things that I don't love so much about different programs. By applying my previous statement towards the things I don't particularly care for, I've found compassion towards those areas rather than aggression.

    From this year, I've gained many useful skills that will allow me to contunie on productively as a CES and will allow me to be more productive and positive while trying to make a difference in the community.