11 January 2016

2016 Spring Internship

2016 Spring Internship: Social Media and Content Manager

Note: This is a part time, unpaid internship with unparalleled career advancement opportunities
Ori Media is a boutique production and branding agency in SLC, Utah. They have produced numerous cutting edge visual media projects with local
and national recognition. Ori Media belives in the art of story telling and is commited to producing the most esthetically innovative work possible.
P3 is an organization with a desire to change the world through the notion of people, planet and profit. P3 members are businesses that are
committed to increasing the positive net social and environmental impact of their commercial activities. Together, P3 and Ori Media are highly
invested in building an infrastructure for this vital approach to business and are seeking a passionate intern to join them on their journey.

Intern Responsibilities:
  •  Manage scheduling, content creation and posting for P3 Utah platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Structure and record events, company profiling and educational presentations
  •  Coordinate strategy and content development with Ori Media, P3 Utah marketing and staff
  •  Learn and shoot video with top of the line production equipment
  •  Learn and assist in storyline creation and production planning/ producing
  •  Provide a minimum of 135 hours of work during the semester
  •  Intern experience should include demonstratable success in:
  •  Interpersonal and written communication outreach
  •  Social media and/ or marketing
  •  Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop
  •  Photography/ videography experience is a plus
  •  You should consider this opportunity if you are interested in:
  •  Being on the forefront of a new movement to transform business into a power for good
  •  Taking responsibility and demonstrating leadership with creativity and communication skills
  •  Gaining experience in job-relevant skill sets and earning highly regarded reccomendations
  •  Recieving insightful mentoring from leading visual media professionals and experienced non-profit builders

If you want to be at the forefront of new media and be a part of the change we need to build a better world through business, please contact us. Send an email to info@orimedia.com indicating the following:

  1.  Why you are interested in this position
  2.  Why you will succeed in this position
  3.  Work availability
  4.  Contact information
  5.  Attach your resumé with 3 references

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