24 September 2015

Project Vote Smart needs you!

Richard Kimball, President of Vote Smart
Thursday, October 8
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Holladay City Hall
4707 Holladay Boulevard (2300 East)

Vote Smart is an impartial organization started by Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, along with 40 other prominent national leaders.
The mission of Vote Smart is to provide impartial information about current members of Congress. Over 10,000 volunteers from the United States and many foreign countries have worked to compile information based on responses to surveys from the incumbents.
It is no surprise many of the recipients do not respond. The volunteers, though, collect and record votes of all incumbents on bills related to 21 survey questions. Take a good look at Vote Smart, go to VoteSmart.org, at the bottom of the page click on “manual".
Those who do answer the surveys are given the “political courage” award; others receive no such recognition. The results are compiled in a small booklet available to everyone at no cost.

We invite you to co-sponsor this meeting. We are not asking for financial support, but we need your members to attend to show support for the Vote Smart concept and to commit to informing your members and as many others as possible so the upcoming election can be decided by informed voters using all possible impartial information.

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