18 September 2015

Faculty & Staff needed for Alternative Breaks

 What is Alternative Break?
Alternative Breaks are service-learning experiences designed to heighten participants’ awareness of critical social issues, enhance their individual growth, and prepare them for lifelong social action. Each trip integrates service, reflection, education, and focuses on topics such as poverty, indigenous rights, and environmental sustainability.

What would I do?
Salt Lake Community College faculty or staff members serve as college liaisons, ensuring compliance with policies, providing general oversight, managing emergencies & conflicts, co-facilitating the processing of on-site experiences, and serving as general support for student site leaders.

Being a faculty/staff Adviser is a unique way for professional staff or faculty to participate in an alternative break experience. Faculty/staff advisers are “situational facilitators”; their role is to support and enhance students’ experience by collaborating with student leaders to co-facilitate aspects of the program. Advisors are not expected to plan or organize the logistics of the experience, but are positioned to support the student site leaders.

How do I get involved?
Sign up today through OrgSync https://orgsync.com/56412/forms/153677 or stop by the Thayne Center for more information. Feel free to email Brandon Devlin at brandon.devlin@slcc.edu with any questions. 

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