03 September 2015

CES - September Blog Prompt

Go online and view the Thayne Center’s community partner database: (http://www.slcc.edu/thaynecenter/communitypartnerdatabase.aspx)
  • What have you learned so far about community partners we work with? 
  • Where do you plan to volunteer?  
  • What skills or talents can you bring to your community partner?
  •  How will these skills and talents benefit community? 
  • Returning CES what do you bring to this second term or year?


  1. One important thing I've learned about our community partners is there is something for everyone. You can find a partner to work with based on your interests or your field of study. I volunteered last year with UAID and may continue to work with them. I currently work in the Thayne Center as the CES student specialist. I feel the talents I bring to the Thayne Center and the CES program are - organization, detail oriented, creativity and flexibility. I feel that being a returning CES I will be able to help mentor new students in the program and help them be successful.

  2. I've learned that whatever you want to get into (interests, majors, etc), there is a community partner that you can work with that will help you learn and build your skills. If you are still undecided, there is such a variety you will definitely find one you'll enjoy working with, or you may learn something about yourself. I started volunteering with Revolution United for about two weeks, and I'm also helping out with one of their projects. I feel like I can bring them my creativity, accountability, and my passion to help people into their team. I will help them build their organization, as well as help the people in the community be more involved in service and social revolution.

  3. i have only researched one community partner, America reads, which is where I plan to volunteer. I don't exactly know what i can bring to them yet, but I'm sure I'll find my niche to contribute to.

  4. Well recently I have been researching Comunidades Unidas and they are an awesome community partnership to work with especially since they are focusing on informing the hispanic community about their rights they have and i believe that is where i can put my knowledge to work as well as im also a great a team player.I have summited an application to volunteer at comunidades unidas but I am also looking into either Boys and girls club since there is one close to my house or the prison since its career related.Some way or somehow we have to share our talents with our community and me as an individual Id like to share why its important that parents be involved in their children's education and thats is something im still brainstorming since i know its not easy as of right know if selected with comunidades unidas thats where ill be able to give back to the community. As a returning CES I plan to bring all the knowledge that I have and share it with my fellow colleague's.

  5. The Thayne Center has taught me that no matter what your passion is there is a place for you with one or more of their partners. I have seen it grow over my time at SLCC and I'm thankful for the support and encouragement it has provided in my journey to find my passion.

    This Semester I will be working as an Alt Break Student Leader and we will be focused on food insecurity. During Fall break we will be working with local Food Pantries – Salt Lake Community Action Program the New Roots Community Garden – International Rescue Committee and Real Food Rising Community Garden – Utahns Against Hunger

    I'm blessed to have been involved with the Thayne Center for a while now. My first Alt Break was Fall 2013 with a similar focus on food insecurity. I have also been to San Francisco, and Kanab. During these "Alternative Breaks" I have learned so much about my community and where it needs our help. Having taken so much time to serve my community and others, I bring with me a devotion to social justice and equality and commitment to assist in changing my community.

    I also bring with me what I call a fearless desire to learn how to stand up for things I want to see change in the world and a devotion to see them through.

  6. I didn't realize how close the YMCA Family Center is from our campus. When I learned that we're able to work with them for America Reads, I was stoked. I plan on volunteering my hours at the YMCA because I'm anxious to be able to work with kids again. After working as the lead instructor for American Preparatory Academy, I definitely have some secret things in my pocket to utilize when working with kids. ;) I'm sure I'll have to sharpen my skills again, but I'm so ready for the challenge! I have a willingness to learn and improve, wisdom from experience, perseverance, enthusiasm, and a zen-state of mind that I can bring as a team player in the community.

  7. I was working with UAID before and decided to stop because I wasn't comfortable in their environment. It was not organized and I wanted to do something else where I felt like I was making an impact in others lives and doing more to help. I think the biggest thing I have learned about our community partners is that there is something for everyone. No matter what you want to do there is a way for you to learn more and to volunteer to help others.
    Now that I have stopped volunteering for UAID I plan to start looking at volunteering for Playworks. It is program that works with kids in helping them in school, sports and extracurricular activities.
    I am really good at making connections with others and helping them feel important and that they can succeed and do good things. I am an effective communicator and love to learn and I think I can really help be a good example of someone who is kind and compassionate and willing to help. Majority of the time I am a patient person, always willing to listen and offer help, I am organized, sometimes like to take charge and do things on my own or be the leader. I think it can help the community learn how to reach out to others, to be accepting and inclusive. Being that one person that is willing to lend a hand, smile at someone and show positive actions makes huge impact in a lot of peoples lives.
    This is my third year at SLCC and I have discovered that there are a lot of resources for students and the community that may not be as visible to others. I have experience in areas others don't and would love to help teach others. I want to show that I am dedicated and motivated to complete this program and that the work we do really does make a difference.

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  9. I've learned that there are many different community partners and it's easy to find on that is interesting. I plan to volunteer at the Utah Food Bank. I enjoy working hard and doing physical labor, which they do a lot of. The food bank has a lot of different projects that they do and I like to adapt to their needs. Being a hard worker will help the community because the more work that gets done leads to the more food provided to people who need it.

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  11. I've recently applied to be a volunteer at Big Brother and Big Sister of Utah. The organization is currently looking for volunteer for kids' after school and community program. If you are interested, you can go on the web site and start the volunteer process. You will need to go through their extensive interview, back ground check, finger print and match up to mentor a child. Currently they have about 350 children still on the waiting list waiting to be match up. Little boys are especially in need to be match with a volunteer.

  12. Well I haven't had a second to really research many partners but the one I did find and am excited about working with is The Neighborhood House. This organization has two focuses: 1. working with children 2. working with elders. I will be helping at the child care facility. The focus behind the facility is to provide children with the care and attention that they need and deserve. They offer before and afterschool care, day care, preschool, and summer programs. I am a very caring and creative person so working with children is something that I'm finding I really love. I feel these qualities need to be more abundant while working with kids because the more a child feels safe and cared for the more they learn and grow. I think that happiness is contagious so the more positivity a child has in his or her life the more it reaches everyone around them. Children are just as capable of changing our lives as we are capable of change theirs so making sure that there is excitement and creativity in a positive environment will help them grow, leading to possible growth in their homes, leading to possible growth in the community. Even if it's not something that takes shape right away, the building blocks are set in place for a better future.

  13. I'm so excited to finally be busily working towards being a civically engaged scholar. I'm taking Sean's class, volunteering at Maliheh Free Clinic, and I participated in Alternative Fall Break. It's been so amazing to dig in and get going. I really loved working at local community gardens. It was hard work but felt so amazing and worth it. It's nice to use my medical knowledge as a former CNA and current LPN to the Maliheh Clinic and be able to stretch my multicultural knowledge and skills in working with many different minority groups. I loved bringing my passion of sustainability and environmental issues to our local community gardens. It was so nice to get some fresh air and sunlight and really good exercise and also be serving an amazing purpose in our community. Food insecurity is an unfortunate problem for many but community gardens is an amazing and healthy answer. There's so many opportunities out there that there's something to suit anyone's beliefs and passions.

  14. I have been just getting back into working with the new children at the Head Start. They just started for the year. They are so quite and full of the best ideas I take home with me. I'm going to be doing lots of labs this term so I need ideas. I love being able to give one thing that will help support the program and that is my time. I also get to help the teachers with projects that they can't get done in a day. This will allow the teachers to spend more time teaching. I'm excited to be back in the classroom helping with all that I can to gain all that I can.

  15. I have been in CES for a year now and I have moved from tutoring with America Reads to helping the America Reads program run smoothly. I assist the coordinator with office coverage, trainings/orientations and resource to AR tutors. I have enjoyed learning more about the Thayne Center as a whole and being able to improve the tutoring experience through my work in the America Reads program.

  16. I have been in CES for a year now and I have moved from tutoring with America Reads to helping the America Reads program run smoothly. I assist the coordinator with office coverage, trainings/orientations and resource to AR tutors. I have enjoyed learning more about the Thayne Center as a whole and being able to improve the tutoring experience through my work in the America Reads program.

  17. Lenora Monge-RamirezFriday, November 06, 2015

    They all have a mission in this world. They all are striving to get more people involved and be aware of what is needed. I haven't set myself to one community partner for CES as of yet, but I am working with Utahns Against Hunger for a service learning project this semester. I am able to work under pressure and detail oriented. This is a benefit because having someone new it can be tedious on making sure they are able to do what is needed right from the beginning. As well as being new to the organization mission, you bring a new set of eyes to the organization. This is a great benefit to help bring in innovation. They might not have decided on taking a chance on a change, but hearing it from a new outsider, it can make that difference. We tend to get in a routine and forget to focus on the bigger picture and try new things. I am always thinking if there is a way to it easier, better, and create more of an impact.

    1. Lenora Monge-RamirezTuesday, April 05, 2016

      CES- September Blog Prompt

  18. The thane center works with a wide, wide variety of partners. Just all kinds of stuff really. I am planning to volunteer at the Humane Society of Utah. I don’t really have any special skills or talents that are particularly pertinent to working with animals other than infection control, fast reflexes, ability to learn, and love of furry creatures. Hopefully it helps the animals find an awesome home and help less animals suffer.

  19. September
    What have you learned so far about community partners we work with?
    - There is a lot of opportunity out there for everyone and anyone and anything that you contribute to helps to make a difference in the community we live in .
    Where do you plan to volunteer?
    - I started my volunteer in May working as the volunteer instructor of the Kearns High School Color guard and have been working with the growing team since. In the summer we did parades around the valley and then come fall we did competitions with the band and other schools in the valley.
    What skills or talents can you bring to your community partner?
    - I am really familiar with Kearns High and especially in the color guard due to my 9-12 grade years being a member of the team and captain. I also have a great set of skills in leadership that I hope to teach these young students in the time that I have to work with them, I hope to teach them the values of being apart of a team and working with others as well as balancing school and guard responsibilities.
    How will these skills and talents benefit the community?
    - The color guard used to be a big attribute to the school many years ago, once my years were up the color guard has slowly fallen down and my goal is to bring it back. The community will benefit in many ways for example