15 September 2015

Bruin Talk: "Recognizing & Reducing Racial Micro-agression's on Campus"

Please join us for our 1st Bruin-Talk of the year on Sep. 30th at 12 noon, in AAB 235 to discuss “Recognizing and Reducing Racial Micro-aggression's on Campus and in Classrooms”.

This presentation is aimed at helping individuals on campus acquire a better understanding of: 1) what are racial microaggressions, 2) how they impact student success, and 3) how they can lead conversation toward reducing racial microaggressions.
We will host Dr. William A. Smith, an Associate Professor in the Department of Education, Culture & Society and the Ethnic Studies Program at the University of Utah, where he has served as the Associate Dean for Diversity, Access, & Equity in the College of Education as well as the Special Assistant to the President & NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative.

Dr. Smith is the co-editor (with Philip Altbach & Kofi Lomotey) of the book, The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education: The Continuing Challenges for the 21st Century (2002).  His work primarily focuses on his theoretical contribution of Racial Battle Fatigue which is the cumulative emotional, psychological, physiological, and behavioral effects that racial microaggressions have on People of Color.

Through a 15 min talk and follow-up dialogue amongst attendees, the nature of this series is to engage the campus on an array of topics.  It is designed to assist in raising awareness and building the social and intellectual capacity of The Salt Lake Community College community. 

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