12 May 2015

UMOC- Lawyers & Surveillance

MAY 2015 2.0

We have two more events underway this month! We also still have openings to help with Fluid Art on May 14th if you are interested!

If you would like to sign up for any of these events, let me know and I will put you on the schedule.  Please note that for events you are scheduled for the entire time.  If you cannot work the entire event, please choose one you can.  When the event is closer I will send you more details, and keep in mind that event times may change.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th   5:30-8 PM                       

Aldon J. Anderson Inn of Court Spring Social
The Aldon J. Anderson Inn of Court, a group of legal professionals, will be holding their annual spring social here at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. The American Inns of Court is an association of lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals from all levels and backgrounds who share a passion for professional excellence. Through regular meetings, members are able to build and strengthen professional relationships; discuss fundamental concerns about professionalism and pressing legal issues of the day; share experiences and advice; exhort the utmost passion and dedication for the law; provide mentoring opportunities; and advance the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and civility. There will be a short reception followed by a guest speaker who will discuss legal issues and surveillance before our Curator Rebecca Maksym will give them an insight into how contemporary artists are exploring legal and ethical issues of surveillance in our main exhibition Panopticon.
·         Volunteers will help with set up for the reception, make sure food and beverages stay in designated area, and clean up.
·         During the tour volunteers will accompany the tour!

THURSDAY, MAY 28TH   6-9 PM                        

Finding Home: Utah’s Refugee Story
Finding Home: Utah’s Refugee Story tells the powerful, touching, inspiring stories of refugees involved in the Utah resettlement program, and their daily struggle to adjust and belong in the American experience. By exploring stories of exodus, stunning immersion, new lifestyles, and a determination to claim an earned seat at the table of freedom, this project affords an opportunity for viewers to better understand the attributes of our nation that still serve as a magnet for the frightened and dispossessed throughout the world.

Each year more than 65,000 political, economic and otherwise endangered refugees are legally admitted to the United States. Separated from home and personal history they often possess little more than their names. They step onto an airplane and step off in a foreign world; a world comparatively rich with opportunity, wealth and stability. Immediately, a new chapter of survival begins.

While Americans—and many in the world—still view our nation as “…lifting our lamp beside the Golden Door” to tempest-tossed humanity…the reality of life beyond that open door for desperate emigrants needs to be understood. The door of welcome leads to an arduous set of stairs. Ascent is difficult and the process of becoming a citizen of the United States is long and daunting. And yet each year hundreds of these once-desperate refugees raise their hands in the oath of citizenship. The humbling journeys and discovery of a new definition of freedom as the heart of Finding Home: Utah’s Refugee Story serves as powerful reminders for each of us; of inherent qualities in our American experience.

To view a trailer for the film visit: http://video.kued.org/video/2365472562/
·         Volunteers will help with setup for the reception and make sure food and beverages stay in designated areas during the reception.  There will also be Burundi Talent Performers dancing throughout the space!
·         The screening of the film will be in the middle of the reception. Afterward dessert will be served, and attendees will be able to meet with local organizations that support refugees.

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