12 May 2015

Join the Discussion- SLC Parks, Trails and Open Space Initiative

Here is some information on opportunities to participate in discussions and provide feedback about Salt Lake City’s plans regarding area parks, trails, and open spaces.   One part of the discussion includes how the city will repurpose golf courses that the city has closed, including the one near the UNP-Hartland Partnership Center.

As Salt Lake City residents, we all want our City to be the very best place to live, work and play in the country. Right now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to develop as a community, a once-in-a-generation plan for revitalizing and dramatically expanding our parks, trails and open space offerings.

Salt Lake City is conducting a broad and inclusive public engagement process throughout May to generate ideas and seek feedback about what people value most about parks, trails and open space in Salt Lake City and about specific projects they’d like the City to invest in.  Please join us at one of the seven public events between May 14 - May 28 to share your input and help shape the overall plan.

Please visit http://ouroutdoorsslc.com for details.

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