05 February 2015

Volunteer Opportunity

It is that time of year when we have the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our President’s and Dean’s lists students.
This year we have a combined total of close to 1500 students that have made these lists. Very exciting!

The two congratulatory receptions will be held
Monday March 30, one from 12:00- 1:00 pm and the other from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the Student Event Center at the Redwood campus.

We are anticipating more than 350 people per reception, and are in need of 30 or more volunteers to help make these programs successful. Volunteers are a key component to these receptions, as they help set the mood for the guests as they arrive and participate in the program.

The following are some areas where volunteers will be needed at both events:
Set-up crew – will help by decorating and making the venue inviting and exciting
Food helpers – make sure glasses are full, food table controllers making sure food always looks organized and guests don’t take too much, and be available for any needs guests may have
Welcome Table – these volunteers will check guest names and hand a pin to the student
Greeters – we will need volunteers in the Student Center lobby to direct the guests to the event so no one gets lost. These volunteers will need to be prepared to assist with whatever the guests need including direction to bathrooms and the ability to take pictures
Crowd Control – in accordance with the fire code, we need to have some volunteers assist with crowd control including keeping isles and exits free.
Clean-up crew – The clean-up crew for the first reception will be necessary to help put the room back together after the guests have left, making it clean and ready for the second reception later that day. The majority of our volunteer needs will come at the end of the second reception to make sure we clean from the events and leave it free of clutter and messes.
I am sure there will be some more needs and the committee appreciates your willingness to volunteer for this wonderful event. If you have any questions, please let me (Scott Wakefield) know. As you receive confirmations of willing volunteers, I would ask that you send me their names and contact information and their volunteer time/activity preference as I will be setting up training times for all volunteers.  These trainings are vital to the success of the event.

Scott Wakefield (scott.wakefield@slcc.edu)


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