04 November 2014

Americorps VISTA Opportunities

The Green Urban Lunch Box mission is to revitalize neglected space to grow food for our community. But most importantly we focus on creativity and innovation to solve the age old problem of hunger.  We are a fast growing, ever changing organization that encourages our employees to help shape the future of our organization and think outside the box.
We are hiring two Americorps VISTA to work in fund raising and out reach. Find more info here.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I LOVE gardening, and The Green Urban Lunch Box is providing a great service. "Food deserts" and poverty prevent countless people from accessing adequate nutrition. In fact, someone you know is probably facing this problem - whether you know it or not. People can be malnourished without being starving. Nutrition has many effects on us and our communities, and it has many unseen effects that may not be noticed until years down the road. Making nutrient-rich food available to more people benefits our communities as a whole, as well as the individual members. I recommend watching "A Place at the Table" on Netflix. It's available on instant watch, and it provides a glimpse of different nutritional challenges people in America are facing.