08 October 2014

Silent Witness Display


  1. This was a powerful display, which is still at the south city campus right now. I am not from utah, so it was eye opening to see what has been happening here regarding domestic abuse. This problem has a lot of fear and shame associated with it and it is important to shine a spotlight on those who participate in this social disease.

  2. Thank you for making this happen I had no idea what I had walked into when I encountered several red silhouettes on the 2nd floor of South campus. At first I kept passing it by wondering who, what and why, finally one night after a long day I decided to feed my curiosity. In my hustle to leave campus I found myself caught in a web of real life trauma. I’m not sure how long I spent reading and choking back tears for these stories, just when I realized I had more than I could stomach I noticed a table for reflection. I sat down wanting to impact the world with what I was about to write, then I started to read what others had wrote. This moment of time standing still gave me the opportunity to respond more creatively than my original plan to speak words of cement meaning, and universal understanding, things that should just be common knowledge. However, my silence and emotion let me find words that meant something to me, that empowered me, made me feel important. I just wanted to take the time to thank you and request to see this display again on our campus in the future.

  3. This is my second year in noticing the display. It is sad but I found this as a successful awareness throughout SLCC. The first time I saw it I noticed that these stories begin from one small sign of domestic violence that even some of us don't notice. We ignore these and live a life where women, men and children suffer at home.

    Domestic violence is more common than we believe and events like these make it possible to save someone.

    There was also a Domestic Violence Awareness walk by the Valley Fair Mall in October. There were about 30-40 people who attended. Twice as more from last years walk. It was a short walk but I hope next years walk would continue to double too.