15 September 2014

Washington Internships- APPLY NOW

SLCC is currently accepting applications for students interested in an internship in our nation's capitol, Washington D.C. for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters in 2015.

To apply, simply fill out the Internship Application online HERE!.
 Deadline to apply for Spring semester 2015 is September 19, 2015.

Applicants should have a general idea of where they would like to serve their internship(e.g. in a political office, with the Smithsonian museums, a non-profit, etc.)

Our office is here to help connect you with great internships, however, as a student you are responsible to secure your own internship.  If you are successful in obtaining an internship in Washington D.C., we provide you with the following:
·         $1,500 travel/living stipend.
·         For those accepting an unpaid internship, up to an additional $2,000 stipend to help offset living expenses.
·         Assistance with housing
·         Tuition Waver for SLCC courses taken while in Washington D.C. (online options available)
·         Training will be available to help you excel in phone or in-person interviews required to earn an internship

Getting Started
Go to www.slcc.edu/dc-internships
Apply to SLCC's Internship program
Write a Letter of Interest
Obtain two letters of recommendation
Include a 2-3 page writing sample
Include an updated resume
Submit all of the above to: Joan Christiansen, Student Center, room 124, Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Once you are accepted to SLCC's program, select the internship(s) of interest, and apply. You may use your letters of recommendation, resume and writing sample again when you apply to the internship(s)

Deadline to apply for Spring semester 2015 is September 19, 2015.

Begin exploring internship possibilities at our website, or feel free to stop by the Student Life and Leadership office at the Taylorsville campus and talk with Joan.

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