08 August 2014

Fruit Share

Salt Lake City Fruit share

As part of an initiative to reduce food waste, Salt Lake City has partnered with TreeUtah, Avenues Fruitshare, Green Urban Lunchbox and Salt Lake Community Action Program to create an online database where residents can register their fruit trees.

Have a fruit tree that needs harvesting? To learn more, or register your fruit tree, click here. Information gathered from property owners will remain confidential.

At the harvesting event, the fruit is split three ways -- 1/3 is given to the property owner, 1/3 is given to the volunteers and 1/3 is donated to a local food bank.

Want to help harvest throughout the summer and fall? Contact the volunteer coordinator volunteer@treeutah.org or 801-364-2122

Click here to read more about what is going on this month with Tree Utah.

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