11 August 2014

America Reads- Volunteer Opportunity

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  1. AS an AR tutor I have the opportunity to work with small children K-6th grade. I have a boy in K and he told me he does not want to learn. I tried my best to help him with letters and sounds as well as shapes and numbers. He would not tell me anything at all. He said he just did not want to learn. I asked him how come and he said it takes to much time. So I talked to Lynne and she gave me some teaching aids to help me out with this boy and a Spanish girl who does not know English at all. So the next week when I went to Whittier School I wanted to work with this girl and this boy. The boy still did not want to learn so I asked him how come again and his reply was it takes too much time. Then after about thirty seconds he says mommy and daddy do not have time to teach me. They say it takes too much time to teach me. Then I showed him Alphabet cards and a white board, marker and eraser. I told him that as a reward he could p0lay on this white board for learn his letters and numbers and shapes. His eyes lit up real big and he now wanted to learn. He got to play on that board for 5-10 minutes because he had learned so many letters with their names and sounds as well as numbers and shapes. The teacher and teachers aide told me that since I last net with him that his desire to learn has skyrocketed and he is so excited to learn now. I still need to work with him and he has discovered that learning is fun.
    Then another little girl who speaks exclusively Spanish was having a hard time learning. SO again Lynne helped me with English Spanish cards for the letters, shapes, and number 1-25. This little girl is so excited to know that she can speak her language and get the beginning sounds of the words as well as the letter names. she now knows some numbers and is learning shapes. We are mainly learning the ABC's so she can read. We pronounce the letter name in English and the numbers in both English and Spanish.
    These two little children have come out of their shell and much improvement is being made since I was given the teaching aides to help these children. In fact I am using these cards on all children because these young ones have a hard time knowing upper case and lowercase. But when they are together on a card then they know this is the big letter and which is the small letter. They also know the letter name and can make the sound. With such teaching aids everyone I have has improved so much. They are now beginning to but both letters together with the sounds and will move on to be able to read in about a month or so.
    I enjoy working with these children. So if you are a tutor and are having trouble try talking with the child and see what you can do. If you are really struggling then talk to Lynne. She was able to help me and she would also do what she can to help you out as well. She is there to have us succeed as tutors for AR.
    All the children I work with are rewarded with playing on the white board. They sure have fun with that tool.