16 April 2014

Upcoming Writing Workshops

SLCC Community Writing Center
Upcoming Events And Workshops

sine cera: A DiverseCity Writing Series Community Reading

Join the SLCC Community Writing Center as we celebrate the writers of the DiverseCity Writing Series. Come hear members of your community share their thoughts, ideas and stories at this public reading of sine cera—a community anthology. Cost: Free. No registration required.

Free Public Reading
April 17 (Th), 6-9 p.m.
4th Floor Conference Room at the Main Library, 210 E. 400 S.
Cost: Free and open to the public
Writing for Change: SLCC Writing & Social Justice Conference

Does change in democracy require civic dialogue?  If so, where is it and who gets to talk?  OR write?  Join the CWC at SLCC’s Writing & Social Justice Conference to write your public official about the change you’d like to see! For more information, see www.wsjconf.wordpress.com Cost: Free and open to the public. No registration is required. Location: SLCC South City Campus, 1575 South State Street.

1-part workshop
April 23 (W), Time TBA
Cost: Free and open to the public

Community Reading, Race: Perspectives Anthology
Race: Perspectives is a publication of Utah Race Card project—a SLCC Community Writing Center program which offers the opportunity for writers to develop a candid dialogue about race, ethnicity and cultural identity. This publication represents community writers’ multiple perspectives and experiences. Location: Salt Lake Main Public Library, 210 E. 400 S.

1-part workshop
April 23 (W), 6:30-8:30
Cost: Free and open to the public

Memoir Writing: Paint a Life Portrait with Words

As human beings, we connect with each other through story. We read and write memoirs to help us make sense of our own lives. Come create a written snapshot of your life in this interactive workshop. Cost: $30. Registration is required.

2-part workshop
May 1 & 8 (Th), 6-8 p.m.
Cost: $30
Registration is required. To register call 801-957-2192
or click here

Do it with Dialogue: Writing Compelling Conversation

Whether you’re writing fiction, nonfiction or even poetry, it’s the dialogue that often carries the piece. Come create empathy with your reader by developing dynamic dialogue. Join the CWC and learn how to craft plot, verse, characters and more through written conversation. Cost $30. Registration is required.

2-part workshop
May 7 & 14 (W), 6-8 p.m.
Cost: $30
Registration is required. To register call 801-957-2192
or click here

Live Online Coaching Sessions
The SLCC Community Writing Center now offers real time online writing coaching appointments. No matter where you are you can utilize our free one-on-one writing coaching service.

*Appointments now available. Schedule an appointment here

Writing Coaching

Receive one-on-one collaborative writing assistance and helpful feedback in a supportive environment. Bring any type of writing: resumes, essays, short stories, or letters. Writing coaching is open to all ages. Schedule a free 30-minutes session today!

Find more information here

DiverseCity Writing Series

Join one of our on-going writing groups throughout the Salt Lake metropolitan area. Find inspiration through feedback and writing prompts in open-interest or specialized groups.

Find more information here

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