01 April 2014

UMOCA April Newsletter

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled, 1994
Written By Jennifer Sales

Felix Gonzalez-Torres's Untitled (1994), a 180lb. pile of salt water taffy placed in the corner of the exhibition do it, is indicative of an intimate artist-participant relationship. The artist welcomes the viewer to take a piece of candy, eat it, and therefore participate in its depletion and dispersion.  Known for his minimalist sculptures and take-away piles, Gonzalez-Torres' process artworks focus on the growth and decay of a piece, and its open-ended results. Deeply influenced by the AIDS epidemic, Gonzalez-Torres's Untitled fluctuates between personal and social experience surrounding the disease. By taking a piece of candy, the viewer actively participates in the recognition of ideas surrounding illness, death, and activism, revealing the subversive power of this seemingly innocuous treat.

                                   UPCOMING EVENTS
2014 Annual Gala
Diamond Horseshoe Roundup

Tables and Tickets Are On Sale Now! 

Don't miss Salt Lake City's premier summer party, UMOCA's Annual Gala. This year put on your cowboy boots and get ready to kick up your heels for the Diamond Horseshoe Roundup. Enjoy an artisan meal provided by the Blended Table, refreshing drinks, dancing, and of course, live, silent, and art auctions.

Yeehaw! Buy your tickets now

Contact Chrissy.Upton@utahmoca.org if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.


Andrea Jensen: Entropostasis

Oscillating between moments of stillness and devastation, Andrea Jensen's mixed media paintings reimagine sublime landscapes as blueprints of impermanence. Entropostasis reconsiders concepts of failure and decay in order to reveal how the skeletal remains of crumbling infrastructure become the foundations for future landscapes.


do it  

Using written instructions by renowned artists as a point of departure, this exhibition is uniquely site-specific to Utah through the engagement with the community and use of resources available locally.


UMOCA's sponsors: City Weekly, Craft Lake City, and Slug Magazine

Contributors include: Cactus & Tropicals, KCPW Public Broadcasting, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, and Taffy Town Gourmet Taffty.

do it is a traveling exhibition conceived and curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, and organized by Independant Curators International (ICI) New York.

Trent Harris: Echo Cave

Trent Harris: Echo Cave is the first retrospective into the creative genius of the Utah cult filmmaker. This exhibition presents drawings, photographs, artists books, and short films that illuminate Harris's process and inimitable style.

Sponsored by the Deluxe Corporation Foundation



UMOCA invites you to Good Blood

Come participate in the mid-exhibition event Good Blood, based on artist instructions from do it: the compendium. Enjoy art, refreshments and snacks plus activities for adults and children alike.

Good Blood Program of Activities:
* Participatory performance art based on Good Blood instructions by Lygia Pape
* "Good Blood" concoction provided by Blue Star Juice
* Children's "Doodle" activities inspired by artist Uri Aran
* Chili paste cooking performance and giveaways inspired by Rikrit Tiravanija
* "Signature" activity based on instructions by Annette Messager  LINK

Love Trent Harris films?

Join us as we premier cult filmmaker Trent Harris's latest film, Luna Mesa, on Friday, April 25. Reception starts at 6PM. There will be a Q&A with Harris following the screening.

Reservations required to Michelle Sulley by April 22.
Suggested $8 donation.


Building a Practice + Growing a Program
Guest Curator Talk with Jade Walker

Jade Walker is the Director of the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas in Austin. In addition, she curates four annual exhibitions showcasing the work of faculty, alumni, and students of the university at two major hotels in Austin and is a member of the city's Art in public Places panel. She is also a practicing artist.

Join us for a talk with Jade as she discusses the importance of an artists' studio and the artist residency program she has helped build.

APR 11 | 7 PM 

Curatorial Walkthrough

Hosted by Associate Curator Rebecca Maksym, this walkthrough provides an inside look at our two current exhibitions. Join us for a tour of UMOCA's reenactment of do it and the first museum retrospective for cult filmmaker Trent Harris.
APR 11 | 6 PM 

Docent Tour

UMOCA's docent tours are led by experienced gallery educator, Christina Burns, who interacts with viewers to engage them in detailed looking, discussion, and critical thinking, in a themed selection of contemporary artworks within one of UMOCA's four gallery spaces.
This informal, family friendly tour encourages conversation and discovery.

APR 19 | 1 PM 

Stroller Tours

These monthly tours offer parents, guardians and caregivers an opportunity to experience the museum's current exhibits with their young children in tow. Beginning before the doors open to the public, Stroller Tours are designed to ease concerns associated with talkative children and crying babies by providing an exclusive time for museum exploration and tailored, grown-up discussions free of pressure.  

Please remember, touching the art is not allowed. We recommend toddlers remain in their strollers.
APR 9 | 9:30 AM   


Tired of Being Pushed Around by Contemporary Art?

Do you want to bulk up your art brawn? Join UMOCA for our contemporary art education program, Art Fitness Training. With an emphasis on close observation and easy to grasp principles, these classes are designed to give all audiences the ability to muscle even the most difficult contemporary art.

These classes will help you learn the basics of contemporary art theory and, with your new found confidence, you can flex your contemporary art muscles at museums and private collections throughout the city.

The first class will be held Saturday, April 26 from 11AM - 1:30PM. There is a $15 suggested donation.

RSVP to Jared Steffensen.


All New Summer Camps!

UMOCA is excited to team up with Discovery Gateway to offer summer camp opportunities for your second/third grader and your fourth/fifth grader!
Reclaim It!

During this camp, discover ways that art and science illuminate what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Starting at Discovery Gateway, use your imagination to transform trash into treasure. Create unique works of art with unusual materials and unearth the essential reasons why we recycle through science experiments and hands-on projects.  Then, head to the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art to explore recycled materials in art, gain inspiration from the outdoors, and use the fundamentals of art as a springboard for creating a functional outdoor sculpture in UMOCA's gardens.

JUL 7-11 | Second & Third Graders

AUG 4-8 | Fourth & Fifth Graders

Art Truck: Calder Kamin

Focusing on the animals that have evolved to thrive in urban environments, artist and educator Calder Kamin from Kansas City, MO helps to create awareness of mankind's impact on biodiversity. Talk to your school administrator to schedule a visit to the Art Truck with your class. MORE
Upcoming Public Appearances:

APR 10 | 6 - 7PM
Robert Frost Elementary Art Night
3444 W 4400 S, WVC, UT 84119

APR 19 | 1 - 4PM  
Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Artful Afternoon  
410 Campus Center Drive, SLC, UT 84112

APR 24 | 5 - 8PM    
Foxboro Elementary
587 N Foxboro Drive, North Salt Lake, UT 84054

APR 26 |  10AM - 2PM
Hogle Zoo: Party for the Planet   
2600 Sunnyside Avenue, SLC, UT 84108 

Family Art Saturday:
Not-To-Be-Looked-At Art

This month's Family Art Saturday is inspired by a selection from this set of instructions. Although art is typically something one is encouraged to look at, the exhibit halls of a museum also contain visible objects that are not meant to be looked at. Practice the act of seeing and build critical observation skills while touring our gallery spaces, scavenging for and recording these not-to-be-looked-at objects hidden within the exhibits. Collaborate with each other to create an installation for the Education Gallery wall and take home your completed list or sketches of the objects. 

APR 12 | 2 - 4 PM | FREE, Supplies Provided


Emily Fox King

We are happy to present Emily Fox King as our featured artist of the month for April. Using different mediums such as pencil, charcoal, and oil paints, King creates compelling images that range from subjects like family lifestyles to childhood renditions of dolls and princesses. Through her imagery, King explores the various relationships and gender roles that take place in our society today. Come in and visit us at UMOCA's Art Shop or visit Emily's website to see more of her works.

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