16 April 2014

The Great Utah ShakeOut

On Thursday, April 17, 2014, the College will participate in the "Great Utah Shake Out" by holding an earthquake drill.  At precisely 10:15 am, a message will be sent out via our emergency alert system (EAS) to everybody on the system.  You will receive a text or voice message on your cell phone, then your office phone and email (depending on what you have listed as your emergency contact information on your MyPage account). 

For the drill, you will be asked to DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON for 60 seconds.  After 60 seconds, take a look around the room and think about if there had been an actual earthquake, what are some of the items that might fall from the ceiling and wall and what might block the exits as well as any hazardous materials that could spill or breach their containers and injure you.

SLCC CERT (Campus Emergency Response Team) members will be activated and carry out their response plans for an earthquake.  You may see them walking down the halls looking for building damage or injuries or on the radio coordinating other activities designed to assist others on their campus. 

Please take a look at the two attachments.  One describes the Utah Shake Out and how SLCC participates and the other is an excellent resource on living in earthquake prone Utah.  For any questions regarding the Shake Out, Earthquake preparedness or anything related to emergency preparedness, please call Scott Jones, the College’s Emergency Response Manager at 957-4963.

Please take the time to review the materials and update your emergency contact information (if necessary).

Shane Crabtree
Director of Public Safety
Salt Lake Community College

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