02 April 2014

Take Action Against Coal Promotion!

Our federal government’s shameful promotion of coal is reaching a new low. With your help, we can fix this.

Tell the U.S. Bureau of Land Management today to put the brakes on its latest plans to sell 15.7 million tons of coal in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

Even as the Bureau of Land Management is under fire for illegally selling coal at below fair market value and ignoring coal exports, they’re still at it and they're not fooling anyone.

This time, they’re catering to Cloud Peak Energy. Not only is the company the biggest producer in the Powder River Basin, the largest coal mining region in the U.S., they’re also the biggest exporter of Powder River Basin coal, shipping it abroad for burning in Asia.

Send a letter to the Bureau today, the last thing they should be doing is selling more coal for exports.

At time when the stakes for our climate are higher than ever, we can’t afford more coal sales.

Just last week, the International Panel on Climate Change warned at a conference in Japan that climate change will “"grow substantially worse unless greenhouse emissions are brought under control."
More coal only means more greenhouse gases. Whether exported or not, it’s a result we can’t tolerate.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to stop turning its back on our climate and our future.

Because clean energy is within reach, but we can’t get there with more coal.

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