16 April 2014

Service Learning Retreat

On April 5, 2014, a lively group of nursing faculty met at the historic Jane’s Home.  It is a beautiful, downtown historic home where community building is infused into the mission of this venue.  We all participated in lively dialogue centered on the Engaged Department rubric and enjoyed the transformative work of intentional community engagement while also creating action steps to move us forward.  Present at the meeting were: Barbara Stencel, Deb Smith, Deb Jackson, Marina Torres, and Betsy Christopher all nursing faculty.  Joining them were Lucy Smith from the Thayne Center, Judy Scott, AD from Nursing and Lee Ann Clark, AD admin.  The discussion centered on the development of #1. a Civically Engaged Scholar Pathway that could be utilized as early as for the December 2014 graduates and #2 a Civically Engaged Department Pathway to begin in the Fall 2014 semester.  (see attached MOU draft)
We also looked at where our Division was in regards to moving forward utilizing Kevin Kecskes, PhD. Self-assessment rubric from “Creating Community-engaged Departments: Self-Assessment Rubric for the institutionalization of Community Engagement in Academic Departments”.  It was discovered that we are in stage two Critical Mass Building or stage three-Quality Building in this process.  Our findings will be reported out to the entire faculty on Wednesday, April 9th at faculty meeting. 

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