15 April 2014

Help Fight the Solar Panel Penalty!

Most of what you’ve heard from HEAL lately has been about efforts to clean up the Wasatch Front’s dirty air.

It's important work we’re proud of, but we wanted to be sure to update you about our other valuable efforts. Right now, we’re working to fight Rocky Mountain Power’s bid to punish Utahns investing in solar energy – and we need your help! (Below that, we'll tell you about a great talk next week about renewables.)

Here’s the deal: Rocky Mountain Power is seeking to propose a new financial penalty for rooftop solar customers -- an additional $4.25 per month, one of a package of new fees the utility is proposing for its Utah power customers.

However, before Rocky Mountain Power can increase your power bill, it has to get permission from the Utah Public Service Commission, a panel appointed by Utah Governor Gary Herbert, which presides over a process where various parties, their attorneys, and experts argue over whether the increases are fair and legal.

HEAL Utah is supporting the efforts of current and future rooftop solar owners who are doing the right thing by installing solar panels on their homes and businesses. We don't think they should be penalized for their efforts; rather, we think they should be applauded and encouraged. If you agree, please check out a website we’ve set up to make it easy for you to urge the PSC and Rocky Mountain Power to drop the solar penalty. Go to www.my-energy-choice.org and weigh in now.

The truth is Utah solar customers (see an op-ed they wrote in this past weekend's Tribune about the solar penalty) are doing exactly what Rocky Mountain Power is not -- investing in Utah's solar energy potential. Rocky Mountain Power's ten year energy plan all but ignores new renewable energy investments while at the same time spending billions of dollars to keep its polluting coal plants from going defunct.

That is appalling and the last thing the company should be doing is penalizing the few people willing to put their money on the line to do the right thing. Click here and act now.

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