06 March 2014

Civically Engaged Scholar March Blog Prompt

  • Where did you volunteer this month?
  • What was your most rewarding experience?
  • What was your most challenging experience?
  • Did this experience connect to anything else you are learning in any of your classes?


  1. I am contacting Big Brothers Big Sisters so i can become involved in that. Other then that i am working with an Animal Shelter called Best Friends and i start next week!

  2. I had the chance at the beginning of this month to go with one of my Deaf friends to his church meeting. There were two professional interpreters there to interpret the meeting. It was the first time I had been able to attend an interpretation of that sort and I learned so much. First I was able to see how the interpreters changed the message from English to ASL, each one's different style, how the Deaf and non-deaf people were able to interact during the meeting, and the different sign choices the interpreters made. Overall it was an amazing experience and allowed me to see first hand what kind of things I will be doing as I go into the ASL interpreting profession.

  3. I am still continuing my work with Cheer Salt Lake and right now we are slow at helping the community. We are preparing for a large event at Salt Lake Pride and San Francisco Pride. I am also trying to get into contact with another organization, Homeless youth Recreation Center. It is hard trying to get into contact with them but I am still trying. It is something that I am looking forward to be doing.

  4. This month I took part in the Playworks 5K. I put many hours into preparing and reaching out to the community for this fundraiser. The highlight of the month was ASB. I attended the Hopi Reservation with 13 other people. The experience was unforgettable. It felt so nice being able to help these people with certain things that would take them months to accomplish on their own. I feel like our group was very successful and very professional in the sense of having no drama. I loved the whole entire trip and would love to go back.

  5. This month I have been having fun spending my grant money on supplies for the America Reads program. It was really inspiring to see all the stuff that $500.00 can get. I am excited to know that Tutors will be able to use these supplies for semesters after I am gone. It is kind of like leaving a piece pf me behind. I am also in the final stages of working with the Library writing a government grant to start a reading program.

  6. This month I have been volunteering with Best Friends Animal Society. I volunteer in their Adoption Center at their Sugarhouse location. So far I have helped out with their cats. It has been so much fun getting to know this organization as well as the furkids that they house. I am also a lead volunteer committee member for their Super Adoption's that are held twice yearly. The next Super Adoption is May 2-4th and we need volunteers to sign up. We are in the works of getting the volunteer sign up times ready. There will be multiple shifts and positions. If you are interested please let me know and we can get you set up.

    Also this month I had the pleasure of attending the University of Utah Women's Leadership Summit. It was an honor to hear these amazingly successful women talk candidly about the triumphs and struggles on becoming the leaders they are. We were also matched up with a mentor who is active in the community and they were able to share their advice with us. This was the first year they have put on this event and because it was such a big hit they hope to hold it again next year.

    Another event I attended was the Rise & Shine Breakfast hosted by the YWAC. This is where I plan on doing the bulk of my volunteer hours. This event went over how the "YWCA is strengthening the safety, health, and well-being of local women and children." This is truly a life changing organization and I can't wait to be involved more with them.

  7. Cierra ClevelandSunday, March 23, 2014

    This month I was st the crisis nursery of the Family Support and Treatment Center. I was able to stay longer on the weekend of Spring Break which I think was good for me. It was a Saturday and this day of the week is reserved to give adoption/ foster parents a break. I had the pleasure of working with the family of 9 kids that I previously worked with on my first night volunteering. I made the effort to get to know each of the children better and know their likes, dislikes, etc. There was a young boy who cried when he was tagged during the game and I was able to bond with him when I came down to his level. He was at my side for the rest of the night. I love these kids!

  8. I am still volunteering as an America reads tutor, as well as being a part of the Sandy police Explorers department. I absolutely love learning how to better our society through teaching our future generation how to read properly. I also am working very hard to become a part of the Sandy City Police Intern program. By being a part of this program, I will be able to serve our community through being a part of solving criminal cases. I will be sorting through evidence, entering it into the Sandy Police Department database, and examining crime scene photos. I am looking forward to my future law enforcement career.

    Heather Kanz~

  9. I took time this month to really focus on my schedule and find ways to be a better academic accountant. My logging skills have been suffering and in turn my hours aren’t calculated accurately. I realized that my procrastinations were affecting people I admire and look up to. This evidence grew more and more each time I would go to an event and forget to log my hours. Looking back over the last few months I have tons of hours but for some reason didn’t log them. Do I enjoy volunteering? Absolutely, and to me volunteering is reward enough. However, I’m a Civically Engaged Scholar, and I have MONTHLY service logs due by the 5th of each month. By going back and reading the requirements of CES I found it rewarding and educational. I learned about the monthly logs, and I also decided to change my track and really challenge my self. What made this decision such a challenge was holding my self accountable. I’m in a class and our lecture focus at the moment is on time management. This almost subliminal message I was getting really made me own up to creating a system and following through with that system. By being more proactive I was able to volunteer and log my hours the same day, simple for some was triumphant for me.

  10. This month I have gotten more involved with the LGBT marriage equality movement as the Utah case moves to Denver to be heard. I first attended an educational seminar at the U of U, for LGBT advocates and their allies. I learned so much about the idea of homosexuality vs. heterosexuality, gender expression and the real effects of homophobia and unfair treatment. Personally I identify as a lesbian, so it was really surprising to me that there were so many things I didn’t understand about a community I belong to.

    After the seminar, I have volunteered my time with Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center. I have attended some rallies and sought out more opportunities to educate myself. At one of the marriage rallies, we gathered downtown during rush hour and held signs that read “honk if you support marriage equality” and “love is love.”

    I’m glad I was able to be a part of this event because it really opened my eyes to the hatred and outstanding support surrounding this issue. I have chosen to surround myself with people who support same sex marriage and LGBT rights in my personal life, so I don’t see the people who are strongly opposed to the issue. After standing on the corner with 100’s of other people who just simply want to raise families and be given the same legal protections and rights…..and then watching people drive by, either honking at us, ignoring our existence, or even flipping us off really hit home how deep this issue is to me and everyone else.

    We are at a pivotal point in history right now, where same sex families are being told they won’t be granted legal protections and there is talk about wanting to undo adoptions previously granted to same sex couples. Using the time I have to volunteer to advocate for LGBT rights is very worthwhile and is where support is needed right now, but it’s not my favorite thing to do. In my opinion, it is a very tasking thing as an LGBT member to talk about and advocate for LGBT rights. It feels like the argument I expected to have with my family when I came out about same sex attraction, very redundant and emotional. Not too strong on logic.