18 February 2014

The Community Coop

Why buy local first? We hope that this is a conversation that you have had with your family and friends this year. There are many reason why you should buy from local vendors! To help you discover the value of buying local, The Community  Co-op is sponsoring a Local Vendor Night! We will have local vendors there to talk about their products.  Best of all, we are offering %10 off Everything, so come in for this blowout sale event! Check out our Facebook event and RSVP by click here!

Here are a few vendor stories for your enjoyment!
Salsitas Mendoza

My name is Linnaea Mendoza I
grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm married to Sergio Mendoza who was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Salsitas Mendoza began in 2011 as a way to make a little extra money. Sergio had been laid off and looking for work.  I started to make and can salsa, so Sergio could easily make dinner when I took on extra hours as a Medical Assistant for IHC. The base of our recipe is an old Sergio's family recipe. With a strong emphasis on making a "traditional Mexican salsa", we have created healthy and all natural authentic flavors we are very proud of! The popularity of our salsas was completely unexpected! What we thought would help us out with soccer fees turned out to be our family business, and now our full-time careers. Sergio and I believe that our success comes from people who expect authentic healthy alternatives to the norm which we are happy to provide.

Mamachari Kombucha

Who is Mamachari, and where did it come from? Mamachari is Christy Jensen. Having grown up in Japan, Christy has been exposed to 'cha for years.  A few years ago Christy started home brewing her own Kombucha. It slowly progressed into something her coworkers were begging her to bring in to share. Soon enough her effervescent elixir had brought many boys to the yard so to speak, and the idea to start brewing on a bigger scale in Salt Lake City was born. Commercial kitchen space was rented, and Christy started working long hours into the night brewing after her day job. As the demand for local Kombucha was grown, so has her operation which can now support over 200 gallons of Kombucha brewing at one time. Christy says, "We're a little cheeky, aren't afraid of making noise, and we love what we do." 
More Convenience for You

Just another reminder, we are now selling our Kirkland Signature Milk by the gallon on home and park delivery.  We are also selling our eggs by the dozen. Remember these changes when you are ordering to make sure that you get the amount that you need. 

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