15 February 2014

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Awards Nomination Packet Available NOW
Do you know a great student leader, faculty or staff mentor, or student group that has made a lasting impression on campus and who deserves to be recognized? If so, consider nominating them for the University of Utah Student Leadership Awards!
Click here for more information.

February 18th: The History of Social Justice in Utah
Join five prominent Utah Leaders in a discussion about their past and present community work and activism. Learn from community leaders what social justice has looked like in Utah and what we can expect moving forward. The panel discussion will take place in the University Union, East Ballroom on Tuesday, February 18th at 12:30pm. Lunch will be provided.
February 24th-28th: Save U Week

A week of activities sponsored by students, to teach students how to save "U" money and other healthy finance practices.  More info can be found here.
February 24th or 27th: Senior Boot Camp
Are you currently looking for a job?  Did you know that 7,000 other graduating seniors are also currently looking for jobs?  Our Crash Course will give you the skills to avoid getting lost in deployment!  Don't miss the chance to gain skills in job searching, networking, perfecting your resume, interviewing, and negotiating your first salary!  Not only will we give you information on all of that, but we will also give you pizza dinner!

The 2 options for this Boot Camp Session are either Monday February 24th from 4:30pm-7:30pm or Thursday February 27th from 5pm-8pm in Career Services (SSB) 350.

Space is limited so please RSVP to careerambassadors@sa.utah.edu, by February 21st with the date you wish to attend!

February 28th: Presidential Ambassadorship Application Due
Application and more information can be found here.

February 28th-March 6th: Women's Week 2014
Information on the various events and opportunities can be found here.
March 6th: International Night
The International Student Council is proud to announce its annual International Night, a celebration of the many nationalities and cultures represented by the students here at the University of Utah. Come enjoy good food and great entertainment, and meet friends from all over the world.  More info can be found here.
March 7th: I-Mentor and International Ambassador Application Due
Two different leadership opportunities through International Student and Scholar Services.  More information and the application can be found here.
March 17th: CSBS Student Ambassador Application Due
The College of Social and Behavioral Science is seeking students to serve on the 2014-2015 CSBS Ambassador team. Students selected will receive a $2,000 award per academic year for their service. The CSBS Ambassadors will assist the College in a number of strategic activities including student recruitment, student engagement, philanthropy, and career placement. Applicants must be juniors or seniors majoring in a discipline within the College of Social and Behavioral Science and have a 3.0 GPA or above. Click here for more information here.
March 21st-22nd: Student Leadership and Mentoring (SLAM) Conference
The purpose of The Student Leadership and Mentoring Conference is to give students and professionals the opportunity to network and share their leadership and/or mentoring experiences with each other. This student run conference gives students and professionals the opportunity to network and share their knowledge with each other as it relates to leadership and mentoring.  More information can be found here
April 3rd-5th: 2014 NASPA Region V Power of One Conference

A NASPA LGBTQA leadership conference invites students to educate and learn about intersecting identities while promoting social justice.  Hosted by the Salt Lake Community College and University of Utah.  More information can be found here.
April 5th-6th: Relay for Life 2014
To register go to: www.relayforlife.org/uofuut
For more information please contact: Brianna Coopman, Brianna.Coopman@cancer.org

The Center for Student Wellness

Offering one-on-one Well coaching sessions for $5!
Click here for more information.

Do you have a leadership opportunity you would like us to showcase?
Email us at leadership@utah.edu.

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