10 January 2014

Utahn's Against Hunger-Happy Holidays

Two years ago this December, I sent an email to the hundred or so people on our email list at the time asking them to picture a plot of land in the middle of the city with teenagers clustered together weeding around small tomato plants and plucking orange carrots out of the ground.  I wrote “This is Real Food Rising.  And it’s close to becoming a reality.  We need your support to help launch it in 2012.”

Well now, two years later, Real Food Rising has been employing high schoolers and getting food to people experiencing food insecurity - for two growing seasons.  And we couldn’t have done it without your support.

To support the continued work of Utahns Against Hunger’s Real Food Rising program, please donate now on the UAH website.
(And designate your donation for Real Food Rising)

In 2013
This past year on less than a ¼ acre, we grew 4,248 lbs and donated 75% to Hildegarde’s and Northwest CAP food pantries and St. Vincent de Paul’s soup kitchen.  We employed 15 high schoolers and engaged 6 college-age interns who collectively put in 1400 hours on our urban farm and 2,500 hours at 25 different farm and gardens sites during our 35 Youth Farm Mobs.  189 dedicated volunteers put in more than 450 hours on our farm site.  We also made our first produce sales to Squatters – in order to bring money back into the program and make it more sustainable.

Additionally, this fall, we joined with Salt Lake City, TreeUtah, and Green Urban Lunch Box as a part of SLC Fruit Share and the groups we led harvested 3,400 lbs of produce from trees around the county – that would have otherwise gone to waste.  (We also raked up and trucked back almost 1,800 lbs that we added to our compost piles.)

In 2014
We will begin growing on the additional acre of farmland at our main site, which we are fortunate enough to be on because of the generosity of Neighborhood House.  Our core farming work on our main site will continue with our Summer Youth Program and Academic Year Program.  We plan to start selling produce at a low-income roadside stand for a reduced rate and hope to make a value-added product with the fruit we harvest next fall.  We will continue helping out other farms and community gardens through our Youth Farm Mobs and will increase our fruit gleaning by leading more fruit picking volunteer days for the SLC FruitShare.

Support from people like you has been instrumental in turning Real Food Rising from an idea into a program that makes real world impact on the lives of young people and those who eat our food.  From volunteering on the farm to interning to making donations to connecting us with companies who have been able to provide in-kind support to getting the word out to your networks about RFR, we appreciate your help!

Please consider making an end-of-the-year tax-deductible donation.
(And designate your donation for Real Food Rising)

Thanks for your support!
See you in the new year.

All of us at Real Food Rising and Utahns Against Hunger

Real Food Rising
a program of Utahn's Against Hunger

Learn more about the breadth of Utahns Against Hunger's work here.  

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