10 January 2014

University of Utah-Leadership Newsletter

Upcoming Events

January 8th
Union Ballroom

Leadership Workshop:
Brand Yourself
January 15th

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Week
January 18th-25th
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more information.

Leadership Workshop:
Showcasing Leadership on a Resume
January 24th
Union Den

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Student Resource of the Month: 
Learning Abroad Office Interested in a learning abroad program? 
 Have questions? Learning Abroad Peer Advisors are available from 8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday to help students identify program options, answer questions, and assist with the application process. Visit room 159 in the Union to speak with a Peer Advisor! For more information, click here to visit their website.

Student Spotlight:
Oliver Anderson

What year in school are you?

I am currently a 4th year senior here at the University of Utah.
What is your major?

I am double majoring in Sociology and Human Development & Family Studies, with a Certificate in Criminology and a minor in Leadership Studies.
What are you involved in on campus?

I am the Undergraduate Student Affairs Fellow in the Office of Orientation and Leadership Development overseeing the social media for the office as well as advising Picture Your First Year, which is a first-year cohort who capture their transition to the U through photography. I am current a Resident Advisor for Housing and Residential Education (HRE), in which I serve the gorgeous Sage Point community. In addition to my student employment, I am an active member on the National Resident Hall Honorary, I sit as the New Member Chair for Mortar Board Honor Society, and am the Bennion Center Site Leader for the Alternative Spring Break trip to San Diego in 2014, which focuses on Immigration, Health, and Poverty.

What is your favorite thing about the University of Utah?

My favorite thing about the University of Utah are the students! Students make the traditions thrive and grow! Every day I am amazed by the outstanding work that I see students doing on and off this campus! Whether it is in the classroom, in a research lab, on the field, or somewhere abroad, U students are making a change for a better tomorrow. I am honored to be surrounded by such influential and inspiring individuals!

What are your goals after graduation?

Once I complete my undergraduate education here at the University of Utah in spring 2015, it is my dream to continue my education in hopes that one day I can serve students on a daily basis.  In the wonderful world of Student Affairs, my goal is to surround myself with students on a University or College campus, supporting them to stay in college and to graduate with excellence!

What impact would you like to have on the University of Utah?

The impact that I want to leave is simple.  I want to leave behind a culture att he U that inspires students to dream big, work hard, and follow their hearts.  Anyone can make a difference in our world, all it takes is courage in yourself, awareness of others, and a smile on your face!

Student Organization Spotlight:
National Society for Leadership and Success

What is the mission or purpose of your organization?

In short, we build leaders who build a better world.

The society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals.  We go about this by placing those students who have accepted our invitation, in situations that allow them to discover who they are as a leader, and what their potential can be if they are willing to work for it.  Leadership is a character quality that is vital to living a productive and fulfilling life, but more importantly, it is a quality that is obtained through experiences and practice.  This society tries to provide those experiences by:

1.  Giving the students opportunities to participate in a leadership training day where we breakdown different traits that make a good leader. 

2. Providing students the opportunity to learn from individuals who have already achieved success in various fields via talks streamed live 3 times per semester. 

3.  Allowing the students to get into small groups, or Success Networking Teams (SNTs), and discuss personal goals and have their team hold them accountable for progress on those goals throughout the semester.

4.  Providing opportunities to give to the community.  Through an impressive network created by our community service chair holder, we have established good relations with a variety of businesses and organizations to allow our students dozens of opportunities throughout each semester to participate in community service events held fin Salt Lake and surrounding areas.

What were some challenges you have had to overcome as an organization?

Right now we are trying to deal with the expansion that we have experienced.  We currently have around 1500 inducted members at the U of U and around 200 currently working towards induction.  That is a pretty good sized group so right now we are focusing on expanding our executive board to ensure that we communicate with our members effectively, plan events to get people to so they can network, and get involved with other groups on campus so we can support and get our members out to activities they are hosting, to name a few.  The list goes on and on but step by step, we are getting there.
Are there any ways that a student could still get involved with your organization?

Of course!  Above I mentioned three live broadcasts per semester that are shown.  This isn't exclusive only to members working towards induction.  These speaker broadcasts are open to the general public.  While the nature of the talks varies depending on the guest speaker, the idea is generally the same: work hard to be successful in all aspects of life i.e. academically, professionally, personally ect.  We are also very willing to help people get involved with the community service projects we are a part of. 

Why are you excited about the future of you organization?

Growth and fluid function as a society and especially as an executive board.  The presidential position is up for grabs, as are 11 or so executive board positions, every year.  This is organized in this fashion to allow people to gain experience in leadership roles.  So, we are currently working out the kinks in making sure that those executive members remaining on the board, as well as those executive member to be, will be prepared to hit the ground running once the next academic year starts.  A well trained group of leaders at the head of our organization means that we will be that force for good that we are trying to be.  Leadership is one of the most important factors in a successful life and if our executive board achieves that goal in being near perfect leaders, our society will make a difference on campus. 

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