30 January 2014

Heal Utah

Hard to know what other word to use to describe the huge throngs that walked, rode and drove to Saturday's historic "Clean Air, No Excuses" rally. As many as 5,000 gathered to demand bold and urgent action from policymakers. What a crowd! And what an accomplishment.

And what an opportunity. 2014 is shaping up to be an absolutely critical year for taking huge steps forward to clean our air. The issue has reached an obvious tipping point, not just because of the passion of thousands of ralliers, but due to all of the proposals being thrust forward by everyone from Governor Gary Herbert to UTA to the Chamber of Commerce to dozens of alliances, groups and think-tanks. Are they all good? No, but many are, and a year or two ago, this issue was barely on anyone's radar.

And now even the State Legislature is on board. Now, over the years, we haven't always been filled with optimism when it comes to the bills produced by that, um, august body. But this year, many of our Legislators are taking the issue of polluted air very serisoulsy. So far, there are at least 18 possible bills focused on the issue (see our Bill Tracker here..)

In the coming weeks, HEAL will be working hard to pay attention to those bills. We'll be figuring out which hearings are key and which legislators to contact. We'll be tracking not just Clean Air bills, but also bills tied to HEAL's other key issues, from nuclear waste and power to renewable energy.
You'll hear from us when we need your help, to lobby your legislator or show up for a hearing. Stay tuned!

Some of you might want more information from the Legislative session.
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