28 December 2013

University of Utah-Leadership in the News

Upcoming Leadership Workshops
Office of Orientation and Leadership Development 

January 15th: Brand Yourself
10am - 11am, PHC 1A/1B
This is an interactive workshop that has been designed to focus on practical leadership skills.

January 24th: Showcasing Leadership on a Resume
12pm - 1pm, Union Den
This is an interactive workshop conducted by a campus partner.
Lunch will be provided!

Are You a High-Performer--or Just an Overachiever?
Les McKeown

Overachievers make for worrisome business leaders, and they're doubly dangerous as CEOs. Why? Because their desire to achieve blinds them from the vital need to perform. 'Achieve' comes from an old French word meaning 'bring to a head.' And that's exactly what overachievers do: they bring things to a head. Sometimes it's pretty to watch, sometimes not, but one way or another, they're going to Get. It. Done. Whatever the cost. 'Perform', although it also originates from a French word, is something else entirely. It means in essence to complete something through alteration. The art of performance is not just to bring something to a head (achievement), but to complete it, to make it whole, to transform it for the better. Click here to read more.

Diversity: More Than Just Affirmative Action
Donna Fenn

A few simple compliance efforts -- such as advertising in minority publications -- might have satisfied the city. But, says Hunt, "the incident caused us to take a much broader look at ourselves and to think about how our company would be better or worse if we didn't look at diversity." Hunt and his partners realized that there was, in fact, a stark contrast between BRW's managers (96% were white males) and the clients they were pitching their services to (a much more diverse crowd). "There was a feeling that we would be less competitive if we continued to be a white-male-dominated firm," says Hunt.Click here to read more. 

 7 Traits of Highly Effective Leaders
Peter Economy

 A remarkable amount of time, effort, and money has been devoted to the study of leadership. Despite all this research, there is little agreement about exactly what leadership is. Still, people know effective leadership when they see it. And while great leaders may sometimes be born that way, there are certain traits that great leaders share in common that anyone can practice and adopt to become more effective. What qualities are those? Well, to be a highly effective leader, you must...Click here to read more. 

Find over 100 student clubs at our spring Plazafest this
January 8th from 11:30am until 2:00pm in the Union

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Week
Join the myriad of events happening to commemorate and
celebrate the civil rights leader from January 18th until the
25th.Click here for more information.

The Center for Student Wellness
Offering one-on-one Well coaching sessions for $5!

Inter-Tribal Student Association PowWow Committee Meeting

The Inter-Tribal Student Association is hosting the University of Utah's
42nd Annual "Sustaining Our Culture" PowWow. If you would like to participate, please complete the following survey here.

Do you have a leadership opportunity you would like us to showcase?
Email us at leadership@utah.edu.

Orientation & Leadership Development
A. Ray Olpin University Union, Suite 280  |  801.581.7069

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