19 December 2013

The Food Advocate December 2013

  Happy Holidays from all of our staff at Utahns Against Hunger!    
(Mike, Lavonda, Gina, Sara and Marti)

Below you'll find some news from our Executive Director, along with a few tidbits from our Outreach team and Real Food Rising.  If you'd like to make a donation, that's included here too.

Please look for our next newsletter in March! We'll be sending it out quarterly from now on.

A Message from the Executive Director

As we approach the end of 2013 and look forward to spending time with our families and the start of a new year, let us also take a moment and reflect on those who have too little:  too little in their cupboards to make a meal, too little to heat their homes and despite too much work, aren’t earning enough to make ends meet.

If the House and the Senate Farm Bill Conference Committee have their way, we’ll see cuts to eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or “food stamps” in 2014.

Please take a moment to send a Holiday or Christmas Card to your U.S. Representative, Senators or the White House this season.  ANY cut to SNAP at all means hunger will increase, and we can let our representatives know that this is unacceptable.  To send a card click the link below and ask “Who Should Go Hungry?”  (It only takes a minute.)

'Tis the Season of Giving, and in the non-profit world it's the Season of Asking. 
If you support the work that we do at UAH consider making an end of year donation.
We appreciate your support year-round and thanks for reading!

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Happy Holidays from Real Food Rising !

Thanks to our many supporters who made this year’s Fall Celebration such a success.  With 125 attendees, it was a very festive evening with our friends and partners in the community.

As we prepare to hibernate this winter and plan for the year ahead we want to recognize that it is you, our supporters in the community, that make our work possible.  Whether you’ve donated your time, energy or resources to us, you make a difference.  Please continue to follow our work or like us on facebook as we continue to expand our programming in the months to come!

If you’d like to bring your organization or group out to the farm to volunteer with us this spring, please contact Sara at crowder@uah.org.

From the Outreach Team
At the food pantry in West Ogden many families are seeking help this season. Lavonda, an AmeriCorps VISTA for Utahns Against Hunger at Catholic Community Services (CCS), explains that clients are allowed to come once a month to receive a grocery cart of food. Marci Valdez, Northern Utah Director at CCS Ogden says that “on a weekly average they see 500-600 families” with 100 new clients applying for food cards (access to the food pantry) every month. Valdez says that the flow stays consistent throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

Social services agencies are often understaffed and can use your help. If you are looking to find s place to spread some holiday cheer while supporting your community, search for volunteer opportunities in your area here.

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