11 December 2013

Leadership Workshops

December 4, 2013 
Upcoming Leadership Workshops
Office of Orientation and Leadership Development
January 15th: Brand Yourself
10am - 11am, PHC 1A/1B
This is an interactive workshop that has been designed to focus on practical leadership skills.
January 24th: Showcasing Leadership on a Resume
12pm - 1pm, Union Den
This is an interactive workshop conducted by a campus partner. 
Lunch will be provided!

Procrastinating, or practicing good timing?
John C. Maxwell
You have a decision to make. But you just aren't sure about it. So you put it off. Sometimes that's a wise move, because the timing isn't right. In my book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I teach the Law of Timing, which says, "When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go." So I believe that timing plays a critical role in many of the decisions we make. Waiting to act can be a wise decision. We might need more information, or perhaps the people who will be affected need to be prepared.
But when you wait, are you always practicing good timing? Or do you put things off unnecessarily? In those cases, maybe you're procrastinating. How can you tell if a tendency to wait is procrastination?  Click here to read more.
No Diversity? No Excellence.
Phyllis Wise

This week I have the privilege of welcoming Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Bollinger is well known among people familiar with issues of affirmative action and diversity in higher education. Ten years ago, when he was the president of the University of Michigan, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that school's affirmative action admissions policies in two landmark decisions. And his presence reminds me that when it comes to creating diverse communities, the process is never going to be easy, and it will require constant effort.  Click here to read more. 
10 Ways To Be A Good Listener
Todd Smith
Being a good listener is one of the most important skills you can master if you want to advance your career and build meaningful relationships. When you REALLY listen, you demonstrate your interest in what is being said and you show your respect for the individual saying it. Listening is a magnetic force that draws people to us.
Have you ever talked to someone and noticed he or she wasn't really listening to you? How did it make you feel? Unimportant? Disrespected? Insulted? Remember those feelings and work diligently to ensure that people never feel the same way when they talk to you.  Click here to read more.

Leadership Opportunities
Tourism Works: How Utah is Building Our Brand and Economy as a Travel Destination
December 5th
3pm - 4pm
Hinckley Institute of Politics
World AIDS Day Film Screening
December 5th
2pm & 7:30pm
Union Building, Saltair Room
*Film screening of "We Were Here," an award winning documentary that reflects back on the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco. 
Community Engaged Learning Speed Dating
December 12th
3pm - 4pm
Bennion Center
Hispanic Scholarship Fund General Scholarship
Now accepting applications from undocumented students who 
have received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. 
Applications due December 15, 2013.  For more information, click here.
Geek Week
Marriot Library, December 8th - December 20th
For a complete list of events, click here .
The Center for Student Wellness
Offering one-on-one Well coaching sessions for $5!
Do you have a leadership opportunity you would like us to showcase?
Email us at leadership@utah.edu.

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