28 December 2013


We made positive steps not just on the newest area of our work, fighting to reduce dangerous emissions from our cars, our homes and our industries, but in the work we have been best known for, seeking to protect Utah from nuclear and toxics risks.

 I'd love to tell you a lot more about our 2013 highlights -- but, rather than just tell you, we decided to create a nifty video to show you!

From a pro-nuclear power bill that we successfully blocked in the State Legislature, to our first-place finish in this year's debut "Love Utah, Give Utah" competition, to the thousands of comments we generated in favor of tougher limits on industrial air polluters, to successfully urging conservative Republican Governor Gary Herbert to publicly back new EPA rules requiring cleaner cars and gas, to bringing a strong case to court against the proposed Green River nuclear reactors, 2013 was a year to remember.

Of course, HEAL can only do all that work because you and our thousands of supporters march by our side. As activists, advocates and (at times outraged) citizens.

And, finally, as donors. As 2013 wanes, we'd like to ask you to contribute towards HEAL's work in 2014. To green Utah's dirty energy mix; to demand action from Salt Lake's biggest air polluters; and to push back against EnergySolutions and Blue Castle Holdings, who want to bring thousands of tons of dangerous depleted uranium and a nuclear power plant to Utah.

We're very excited about the plans we have for the coming year, as we work together to promote renewable energy and protect Utah from toxic, nuclear and dirty energy threats. But that work can only happen if engaged citizens from across the state and beyond give what they can to help.

Please give today.  Of course, your contributions are fully tax-deductible. If you can, we'd love to invite you to become a sustainer, making a monthly gift to HEAL.

Take a few minutes and watch our video showing everything you helped us accomplish in 2013. And, if you can, please give and help us do even more in 2014.

Happy Holidays to All,


Christopher Thomas
Executive Director

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