07 November 2013

Civically Engaged Scholar November Blog Prompt

CES November Blog Post

  • Where did you volunteer this month?
  • What was your most rewarding experience?
  • What was your most challenging experience?
  • Did this experience connect to anything else you are learning in any of your classes?


  1. I have been volunteering at Nibley Park elementary school this month. I have been volunteering at this school for almost a year. Having a positive change in these kid’s lives has been a really amazing experience. I never really knew that I could be a change agent in different children’s lives. I am currently tutoring three diverse children in three different grades. Because they are each so very different, I tutor them in different ways. I enjoy coming up with new routines, because it constantly keeps me thinking of how I can further improve the short tutoring time I have with each child. I am constantly amazed how fast these children learn with just a little extra push from their tutors. It is very encouraging to see how far they have come just since September. It is also inspiring to see how far they have come just since September. I am currently in the LE 2920 class this semester. We have been learning much about the root causes for societal problems, and lack of education is one of the larger reasons for poverty, hunger, and homelessness. By tutoring these children, I am doing my part in ensuring that they are able to read well enough to finish school, and hopefully to go to college. I am looking forward to seeing how much more they are going to learn this year.

    H. K.

  2. I am currently very active with Peer Mentoring Una Mano Amiga, and have seen improvement. We are growing as a group but I have seen the difficulties in communication especially when we have a diverse group of people. I am happy that other students are willing to help because is about team work I could not do everything alone. Today we had a meeting to organize a party that we are having the 22, we are also getting ready to decide if we are meeting at the same time next semester or if we will move it to a different time. And we are preparing to finalize the making of a club. Very soon we will table for our program/future club. I have learned so much from this! I really need to become more organized and use strategic approaches to spark interest in students so they can stay. I just really hope this program grows because it has a great mission and vision! =]


  3. This month I have been helping to recruit volunteers for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Planning Committee and was promoted to Event Chair/Coordinator for the West Valley & Taylorsville Event. I have been working with Coloring Outside the Lines with Worlds Aids Day Benefit Dinner that I am the Chairman for (YIKES) and we just helped Health & Wellness with their blood drive on Veterans Day.

    My most rewarding experience was being able to help others and it felt really great to be promoted to event chairman/coordinator it came at the perfect time because I was getting down about feeling like I wasn't making a difference or that most of the stuff I was doing was for nothing long term and its just confirmed that I do want to stay in this field for my career and how much I love helping others.

    My most challenging experience is the fact that I am feeling so overwhelmed right now with end of semester coming, classes to finish, service to do, an event to host, and now a committee to work with .. kinda extremely nervous and trying not to let it overshadow how hard I worked to get here and what my short term & long term goals are.

    Did this experience connect to anything else you are learning in any of your classes? I am putting a lot of my education from my marketing, business, event planning, and other classes to great use!!

  4. I am volunteering at Whittier (for now.) My most rewarding experience was getting the students I help through the testing process to qualify them for resources. My most challenging experience is now I have worked myself out of a job ;) This just allows me to move on to my next adventure in life. I can't wait to see what it is.

  5. I have been volunteering at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. As usual, the most rewarding experience is hanging out with the kids. There is, however, always those troublesome children who don’t want to follow the rules – but I still find them rather entertaining! In particular, I had a lot of fun with two boys Nick and Jason (or maybe it was Todd…) throwing paper airplanes off the balcony of the museum. In fact, I learned two new ways to make paper airplanes. Nick and Jason were one of the challenging experiences (because they did not like to follow the rules), but in the end we had a great time throwing paper airplanes at unsuspecting victims below. This experience had nothing to do with any of my courses, but a paper airplane making course would be the greatest ever.
    In addition, I have become the Student Representative for the Community Partnership Council at SLCC. In our most recent meeting we finalized the details for our “Exploring the What, Why, and How of Community Engagement Forum” which will be held on December 5th from 1:00 to 3:00 in the Oak Room. Our goal is to get input from the community about what community engagement is, and how we can adopt it at SLCC. You are all welcome to come!
    Anyways, that is all for now.

  6. Such an A-MAZING month! I have been focused on Learning about Food insecurity and how it relates to Utah as a community. My volunteer service is based at the Homeless Youth Resource Center working with and learning about HYRC and ways to assist them and their mission. I had a chance to watch the Documentary film “A Place at The Table”, join in the spot light meeting with Utahns against hunger, as well as the Tanner Forum and Ampleharvest.org speaker and founder Gary Oppenheimer.
    November, the one month that should be focused on “thankfulness” and what we are thankful for. I have been enlightened and informed on levels I have never imagined. Everyone should take the challenge and educate their self with what is going on around them. I’m thankful I’m starting to wake up and see the issues that plague not just Utah but America as a nation. I’m thankful to see my preconceived notions broke down, and finally becoming aware of what the media and governments tends to hide. What I mean by “hide” is not making a point to solve the issues or make them head line news. The invisible crisis that is over taking America is only invisible because our judgments and belief systems are flawed. The fact that 1 in 6 Americans suffer from food insecurity says a lot about how detached we are in our communities. Greed has a new face paired with the new face of poverty. This adventure I’m on in learning about these issues has opened my eyes to a very real cloud a lot of Americans have their head stuck in. We have lost track of the real things that matter in our communities, in being side tracked with our daily lives and social media. Across the nation the average person who is on welfare is forced to live on 4$ a day. I challenge you to remember that the next time you’re buying food for your family, lunch dinner etc. Reality is you will be missing a meal or two, or only purchasing items you can afford that are not healthy options. This type of life style people are forced to live in is affecting many things like education, work ethic and morale in our communities. With 1 in 2 Children on track for diabetes and 56 million Americans going hungry it’s only a matter of time before these issues are on the steps of every Americans front door. I just hope that it doesn’t come to that before people wake up and see the problems and find ways to fix them and solve food insecurity. With the amount of food waste in America close to the percentage of those who are starving, honestly it bleeds neglect at the hands of each and everyone of us.
    The challenge is taking time from our busy lives and educating our self’s , take an hour and just watch the documentary film “A Place at the Table” and see what direction America is headed. http://www.magpictures.com/aplaceatthetable/
    Cast & Crew Cast:Jeff BridgesTom ColicchioBarbieRosieTremonicaDavid BeckmannJoel BergMariana ChiltonRep. James McGovern Director:Kristi JacobsonLori Silverbush - See more at: http://www.magpictures.com/aplaceatthetable/#sthash.qMOVjiFs.dpuf

  7. November is half way through and it's been an interesting time thus far as I am sure it will continue to be so. I haven't had the chances to go to as many of the events the first part of this month as I was hoping. However, it's been a busy month and still I feel I have a lot to share. I am tutoring at Whittier Elementary up in the reading center working with the first graders who need literacy assistance. I am blessed to be the tutor of two very intelligent and kind ESL students. Picking them up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and seeing the excitement that they have in their eyes to get to come up and read with me and increase their English abilities gives me a very fulfilling feeling. I can only make it to tutor this year two days a week for two hours a day and sometimes it doesn't feel like enough but just knowing that I can at least help these children with reading and literacy and knowing that it does make a difference keeps me going. Today November 15th, my eldest son turned 2 years and 4 months old!!! And on the 20th my littlest will be 5 months. Before I had children I was already aware of some of the social injustices that were occurring within our society and I as a citizen and as a human being had concern for the earth, the animals, and the people who were/are being harmed. However, after becoming a mother and through my experiences with the Thayne Center, studying education at SLCC, and tutoring as an America Reads tutor I am astonished, and truthfully, also disappointed at how desperate the situation of social disparities has become. It is no longer just a question of opportunities for me, and who has the education and experiences and who doesn't. It's about reason, sense, change, growth, and love. Our country and our world are not experiencing downfall because of a lack of education for the impoverished but rather an abundance of greed and mismanagement by our richest and it's very saddening because ultimately if we can't find it within ourselves to realize that we're all interconnected and essentially one living entity than it could very well be to the doom of each and every one of us human beings. However, through the experiences that I've had and the things that I've witnessed I still have faith and hope. Especially because of some of the other posts I read and things I hear people discussing and doing things about. I have hope that change for the better really is possible and that positive progression and peaceful planning our among the wonderful things that are going to keep, and gain momentum, burgeoning in this century. There are somethings that just truly need to be reevaluated in the way we humans carry out our lifestyles so that the future can be a bright one. And throughout this month I've been considering and contemplating and dreaming up my role in making sure that that all happens.

  8. Good Morning! I'm helping a CES learn how to blog. I hope you are enjoying this experience.

  9. I have been working with a teacher for mentoring future college students, but i am waiting for sean to tell me if it counts at all for community service, I am also trying to get ahold of teens act so i can start with them again, but i am in need of other non profit organizations to work with!!! sorry i havent been blogging! busy busy with family issues and school but i will continue to from now on, I really need 100 more community service hours, i only have 50!! help !! so i can start blogging more about things i actually did. thanks!

  10. This month I was able to go to a Deaf church service and help with the event. It was great to be able to meet people from the community and to be there when they needed an extra person. I was also able to increase my vocabulary while I was there. Everyone was happy and willing to work with me and to make cure I understood what was going on.

  11. In November, I had the opportunity to be a part of an art show for youth ages 12-26 who are in recovery from mental health and substance abuse issues. I worked with the Utah Family Coalition's Youth Advisory Board, The Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the Rio Grande. I was able to be a part of this art show last year, and I feel like it makes a positive impact on the community, the youth and their families. There were so many amazing artists and what I took away from their art is priceless. I got to meet many of the artists at an open house we held and I was so excited to be able to talk to them about their inspirations and dreams. If they do this again next fall, I would encourage everyone to get as involved as they can.

  12. November is primarily when I started Civically Engaged Scholars. I decided to volunteer at the Maliheh Free Clinic because of the amazing staff. I cannot wait to get started into Spring semester, and fulfill my volunteering goals!

  13. The most rewarding work I did that month was checking up with my PATHAWAY girls. Reminded them of upcoming dates with school, programs, and such. Making sure they were ready for the next semester and giving them encouragement! I also volunteered at the Homeless Shelter where we gave them coffee, donates, and snakes; also, bringing them warm clothing.

    Blue Bird