07 October 2013

Civically Engaged Scholars October Reflection Blog Post

CES October Blog Post

  • Where did you volunteer this month?
  • What was your most rewarding experience?
  • What was your most challenging experience?
  • Did this experience connect to anything else you are learning in any of your classes?


  1. I am getting ready for a Halloween party SLICE is throwing for the children at the YWCA. We are bringing games, doing face painting, decorating bags and cookies. We are also doing a costume drive and we are hoping to get costumes for all of the children that are living at the YWCA. We need lots of help and support with this project so if anyone would like to help us collect the costumes please contact me at kdiddle3@gmail.com. Anything helps !

  2. I will not be able to volunteer until next semester, but the places I'll look into volunteering include the Rape Recovery Center, the Community Writing Center, the Utah AIDS Foundation, Planned Parenthood of Utah, and any others.
    I have not been able to volunteer because I just moved and am needing to work when I'm not in class to pay rent, and public transportation limits me from going other places other times.

  3. Dang.. I tried to submit and my first paragraph got lost! Bummer!
    I have finally figured out what I am going to to do for my volunteer experience this year. I am going to volunteer with the Guadalupe school.. This is PERFECT for me! At the Guadalupe school, they have TONS of refugee students who are there to learn English. This is a FREE service to them and as a teacher/tutor of the students, I will be reading the lesson plans before my time to teach and then I teach what is there for the day! On Tuesday last week, I went for my orientation and my observation. I got to watch a class with an amazing teacher. She did such a good job, she had been there for a lot of years tutoring one night a week, it really is such an experience to feel like you are making a difference! She has been with one student for 5 years and she is just about to graduate and it's so amazing how far SHE HAS HELPED her get. Also, at the Guadalupe school I will be teaching two hours a week and I am going to try to start a health education program for the students. Diabetes and family planning are two big issues in this community of students I am teaching. I hope that I can come up with a program to educate our students so they can be smarter about the choices they will be making in the their life. I am excited to volunteer this month! We will see how it goes!!!
    Katelyn Prawitt

  4. This month I have been volunteering with the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen as well as picking up my volunteering with the Association of Volunteer Emergency Response Teams.

    My most rewarding experience was working with the SLICE: Student Leaders in Civic Engagement group from SLCC at St. Vincent de Paul because these students think about how the non-profit works and why it is considered a band-aid approach rather than a solution to the root causes of hunger and homelessness.

    My most challenging experience this month was in talking with one of the paid employees of the soup kitchen. They said to me while we were preparing the food for the day, "I wish these homeless people would do more than just ask for handouts and go out and find a job." This was challenging for me because it took a great deal of will power to not start yelling at this person and lecturing them on the causes of homelessness instead I calmly asked why they thought this and they responded with a well thought out answer of how if all of the homeless people had a job they wouldn't be homeless anymore and the need wouldn't be so great.

  5. My first week as a civically engaged scholar has been exciting. I haven't began my volunteer work as of yet but, I'm excited to begin working with HYRC(homeless youth resource center) located in downtown SLC. I am completely excited for next week, alternative break begins with a focus on food insecurity.
    My most rewarding experience this far was the cohort meeting. I found some great contacts and lots of opportunities I wasn't aware of.

    My only challenge is time management, so many things that interest me and finding time for them all is near impossible.

    I'm looking forward to all the new challenges I will endure and adventurers to explore.

  6. This month like every other month I am volunteering at Whittier Elementary. My most rewarding experience was when I was able to get the below level students who have a different curriculum entered into all of the online game and drill programs with there own lesson plans. This allows them not to feel like they are not part of the classroom and they can play all the cool games that there peers are playing. This solved my least rewarding experience I have had which is watching their sad faces when they had to do work sheets while everyone else was playing on the computer. Having a disability is hard enough with out having it singled out to the whole class every time you cannot participate in an activity.

  7. I have done most of my volunteer work in the Disability Resource Center this month. I have ran many finished test to the correct teachers, got my workout and with midterms coming up its only going to get crazier! I decorated the DRC office with Halloween goodies like webs, spiders, and all that fun scary stuff. Also I have been drawing a graveyard scene for them too. I am in the fashion program and it definitely has a role in decorating and drawing☺

    Blue Bird

  8. This semester I am tutoring at Nibley Park Elementary. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I was lucky growing up to have wonderful parents who read to me multiple times a day and were very involved in our school work, so I am trying to instill some of that positive energy in them. The most challenging part has been that it is very sad watching these children struggle so much and be so far behind. I was working with a student this past week, and he did not know what the book "Corduroy" was. Hopefully those who are reading this blog know what an amazing book that is. A teddy bear lost in the washer at the laundromat Granted that kids books can be generational, but there are the staples that all kids should know. So he has "A Pocket for Corduroy" until Monday. All I can hope for is that they grow to enjoy reading and learning.

    I had a speech due in a class this past week. And of course I chose the topic, the importance of reading to your children. It is gratifying to see all of this connected. And to get out in the community and put what we learn to work is what its all about right?

  9. This month I have been working with organizing the Community Spotlight Program at SLCC. The Rape Recovery Center was our first organization to present and we had a great turn out, so thanks for supporting this new project! I have also been volunteering with Local First. We had a big event called "Celebrate the Bounty" which was a fundraiser and we had over 600 people show up, it was a blast! I have also been working in the fundraising group for 5 parks for my LE2920 class. We helped plan a carnival that took place today, it turned out very successful. It's been a busy month already but it's always nice to get things done! Coming up I have the volunteer management retreat with SLCC over fall break, and then I plan to pick more hours at the Rape Recovery Center again and continue working with Local First Events.

  10. I am still volunteering at The Salvation Army and it is crazy busy! The most rewarding thing about it is to be able to see how volunteering is affecting the lives of the volunteers and the clients we help. Angel has started up so there are a lot of families we are helping, and all these big name stores are helping out big time. It's great to see how corporate stores and communities come together in a time of need. The challenging thing that I am trying to learn and also trying to apply from what I learn in class is being value-less, regardless of the situations that come up with clients at work. It has been great to be able to practice this skill, but so very challenging at the same time. In the end I know it will do me good in my goal of becoming a Social Worker.

  11. •Where did you volunteer this month? Right now I have been working on the peer mentoring program una mano amiga, and it has been really rewarding because I came to realise I am very good at public speaking. For example las monday we had a meeting in which the advisor was absent si I spoke/conducted the whole meeting for an hour. We talked about scholarships and I first got trained and found we have a scholarship for undocumented students.

    •What was your most rewarding experience?Knowing that I have overcome stage fright! and being able to help students with tips on how to write better essays for scholarships.

    •What was your most challenging experience? computer difficulties always follow me and the computer was not working well so I called Billy and he really helped! and could present with no problems.

    •Did this experience connect to anything else you are learning in any of your classes? Yes I have often heard teachers talking about critical thinking. I belive I used that when the computer did not work I had look for an answer instead of giving up.

    I am also very exited for alternitive fall brake this week! and our halloween party in the YWCA with SLICE members!...I really do have lots going on and I love it!

    Ada Kamez

  12. I've started volunteering at Whittier Elementary this month. I like the feel of accomplishment when the kids I tutored feel happy because they’ve understood a subject they’ve been having a hard time with. It makes me feel as if I’ve did something good.

    My most challenging experience is getting kids to pay attention or to be excited about certain subjects like English or math. I can think of way to make it seem fun but what works for some kids don’t work for other. Basically being new and original all the time when tutoring kids isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It’s hard to constantly think of fresh ideas but I think I can handle it.
    I’m learning how to become an effective teacher, and being a tutor gives me the opportunity to gain valuable experience to tutor and connect with kids.

    Khadra A. Hassan

  13. I also volunteer at Whittier Elementary. This year I am working with Mrs. Khalsa in her first grade class. So far it is very exciting and I am learning a lot from her and her student teacher, Mr. Pratt, as well as from the students. The most rewarding experience is just being able to be involved in the elementary experience and getting to help out, I also love that everything I do and learn at my volunteer site relates closely to what I am learning in my education classes. I am currently taking multicultural education, home school and community relations and Linguistics. The biggest challenge is probably dealing with the children's energy levels and focusing abilities. They are very bright children and can sometimes be quite stubborn or inattentive but they can see the importance in the education they are getting and thus are really moving leaps and bounds through the curriculum. Everything I am learning within my classes, volunteering, and home life are connecting in many different aspects of one another and it is very interesting to see how this semester is progressing.
    Laura S Harper

  14. Finally I narrowed down to where I am going to volunteer and my lucky pick was the YWCA. I am in the process of filling out my application and background check. I am hoping to start volunteering with them at the beginning of November. When talking to the volunteer coordinator at the YWCA she said that an great on-going volunteer opportunity would be helping out in their Betty's Boutique. She said there is only one person working there on Monday and Fridays so it would be great to have some help because they are short on volunteers. I am very excited to be a helping hand to them. Something I am struggling with is my time management. If anyone has any suggestions on how to juggle a busy schedule I would love to hear them!

  15. I was waiting to post my entry until after the 5 Parks Community Playground build last Saturday. I feel that this was one of the most amazing service events I have participated in. I kept thinking about how if you were one of the kids in the neighborhood this would be something you would never forget. And hopefully as you grew you would realize how important what was done for you was, possibly inspiring you to give back.
    I enjoyed talking with some of the adults who live in the community also. Everyone was so excited to see the playground come together. After the ribbon cutting the kids brought around hand made Thank You cards for each of us. It was very moving to receive these cards.
    If there was a challenge it was working with so many different types of people that you did not know. This took some patience, but really everyone was having a great time doing something great. It was an awesome day. I would do this again for sure.
    This event relates to my class work in that I am a Fit Tech major and exercise and activity are vital to everyone and this playground is a great way for everyone in the community to get more activity into their lives.
    Jenny O.

  16. This last month I was able to volunteer a couple of times at the Sanderson Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Center. Both events allowed me to work with the kids there. Because I want to work with kids once I have my ASL Interpreting deagree, it was a great way to gain experience.

  17. Being part of two prevalent student clubs can be exhausting at times; however, I seem to rise to the challenge each and every time... I thrive on the thin line between chaos and order. I place so much on my plate in order to compensate for the missing things in my life. I realize that I would be lost if my plate ever becomes empty...

  18. October has been quite a busy volunteer month for me. I was able to help build a KaBoom! playground for the children of five parks. The 200 volunteers and I built it in under six hours. Although it seemed like an impossible task, we were able to succeed, while greatly enjoying ourselves. I had the opportunity to help put on a carnival for the members of five parks as well. It was a much greater success than we intended it to be considering the extremely cold weather. I have greatly enjoyed working with five parks to help further engage their community. I am also continuing to be an America Reads tutor. Helping these children learn how to read better has been a truly incredible and rewarding experience.


  19. I participated in the ACS Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, Domestic Violence Walk, Helped with the Silent Witness Displays at Jordan Campus as well as joined the ACS Relay for Life Planning Committee as a volunteer for their entertainment/events sections.

    My most rewarding experience was being able to walk with other people who have gone through some of the similar misfortunes that I myself had to endure.

    My most challenging experience is remembering that somedays are better than others and you just have to get out of bed and live life no matter what.

    My classes are towards event planning and non profit work so yes I feel this has been great experience and will continue to be a very rewarding and educational life choice.

  20. In October, I had the opportunity to help put together a Halloween party for the kids that are staying at the YWCA. The YWCA is a women's domestic violence shelter. The kids aren't allowed to go out and trick or treat on Halloween so we planned a party for them on a week day before. We did face painting, bowling, mini golf, cookie decorating, and some other crafts. Almost all of the kids got their face painted, and got free candy when they played the games. It was nice to see them smiling and having a good time when you know they are going through a rough transition with their mothers. This was a chaotic, heartwarming experience for me.