04 June 2013

Civically Engaged Scholar June Reflection

CES June Blog Post

        • Where did you volunteer this month?
        • What was your most rewarding experience?
        • What was your most challenging experience?
        • Did this experience connect to anything else you are learning in any of your classes?


  1. I have been really focusing on my dreams of having my own non profit and helping as many people as I can in the long term aspect.

    This is why I am soo passionate about this goal:

    There are a lot of challenges I have had to over come in my lifetime thus far and i just want to create an environment where others will have a safe place to come if they need it, ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, and whatever else is need to help them conquer their mountains in their own way.

  2. Cadey Rhinelander: I volunteered with a great organization called Cheer Salt Lake. My most rewarding experience was just being able to help those with AIDS/HIV and breast cancer. My most challenging experience was getting the volunteers at the PRIDE event on time. This event correlated with one of my leadership classes. Teamwork is key to success.

  3. I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house this month. My group and I were challenged with making breakfast for 35 people in just under an hour. Although we used every minute we were able to create a well balanced breakfast for the residence of the house. As the individuals walked into the room, each one of there faces would lite up. They would thank us for taking the time to make a meal for them. It was definitely worth waking up early to see the looks on their faces. Many of them looked incredibly physically/emotionally drained but as they came in their was a slight look of joy/relief on their faces. I am currently taking English 1020 right now and participating in this event greatly aided in providing ideas for writing projects. I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to help the Ronald McDonald house.


    1. Heather- This is one of my favorite things to do. It seems like such a small thing to make a meal for someone, but they are so grateful it makes it feel like a big thing. I always leave the RMC with such a feeling of humility and gratitude. Plus my group always has fun working together. An honest win win. -Jenny O.

  4. June Reflection

    I am still volunteering mainly with The Salvation Army assisting people with their utility bills. This position definitely doesn't get any easier, but we have now drafted a budgeting sheet to hand to clients when they come in. It's not the best, but it's a start. A lot of the people I have been talking to lately are all people who have been diagnosed with serious medical issues which causes their utilities to skyrocket! I just find it very disturbing that the power company will let these people's bills get so high and then they refuse to work out some sort of payment plan with them. For example a lady called me today with a power bill of 1900$, she and her husband are disabled and have two other children who are on disability living with them. They were on a payment plan of 300$ a month (which is really too high for their budget anyways) and they missed one payment due to being in the hospital. The power company then told them they had to pay 1900$ upfront to avoid shut off, how unrealistic can you be?? I don't know all the ins and outs of Rocky Mountain Power, but I really wish they wouldn't allow people's bills to get that high.


  5. June reflection- I am late in writing this because I wanted to write about my troops final event.We arrived back in Salt Lake very late on June 30th, and I left right after that for vacation and have just returned.
    My girls have all graduated from high school and have turned 18 so they are graduating to adult Girl Scouts. for our final activity as a troop they planned a week long trip to Las Vegas.
    The girls have been planning this trip for about 3 years and and saved all of their cookie proceeds to pay for the trip. They were able to save enough money to pay for all of the expenses for 5 girls and 3 adult women for the whole week. That included souvenirs! Everyone agreed that the two very best things we did were spending a morning at the Hari Krishna Temple learning about their beliefs, doing service, having lunch, and later that night;attending the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur in their prom dresses.
    Beyond that everyone had a wonderful time together talking, laughing, being silly, and generally bonding one final time.
    We all wrote letters to each other telling each other how important we have become to each other over the years. This was the hardest part for me because I really love these young women and have been very blessed to have been a part of their lives.
    As my girls move on to the next stage of their lives I can only hope that I have been able to make a positive impact on them, and that I have been able to help them reach the Girl Scout goal of becoming leaders of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.
    -Jenny O.

  6. During this month I have volunteer for two weeks at Innovabio lab at the Jordan campass, Everyone was really friendly there and knew what they were doing. In the lab there was so many thing that I haven't seen and things that I have seen! Everyone was very helpful and helped me out alot. It was harder than I thought and I didn't understand most things so it was somewhat hard to get things done. The experience was good and I also found out that I wasn't really interested in that kind of field so I left. maybe one day I will come back to try again.

  7. I didn’t volunteer anywhere for June, but I did get the opportunity to go to a conference for work. This conference was located in Portland, Oregon. At this conference they had a breakout on how to connect social media to advocacy, and how to do it effectively. I learned a lot and since the majority of my volunteer service is aimed at advocacy, it was even better.

  8. In June I taught a workshop through Salt Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Services on how HAM radio can be used in a common residential setting both in emergencies and in everyday life to improve communications between family members and members of your community. It was attended by 25 people but several decided to take the class to become a HAM radio operator.