15 November 2010

Crossroads Urban Center

Meeting Date: 6/8/10

You can also visit Crossroads Urban Center on The Exchange, the Thayne Center’s online community partner database. You’ll find contact information, projects, directions to the site, and other useful information to get you started!


Business/ Management, Communication, Social Work


Vistas met with CORC (Coalition of Religious Communities) Project Director, Church Liaison, and Resource Coordinator, Linda Hilton. The mission of Crossroads Urban Center is to assist and organize low income, disabled, and minority Utahans to meet basic survival needs and to address essential issues affecting the quality of life. Their slogan is: "Creating an Alternative to Poverty."

Crossroads Urban Center is a quaint building nestled in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake on 347 South 400 East. Originally a Methodist boarding house, the atmosphere inside of Crossroads is rustic, cozy, and appealing. A large wooden staircase greets you as you walk through the entrance with several small rooms on either side. After checking in with Shelley Baron, the receptionist at Crossroads, Treva and I sat down in the charming waiting room, which really felt much more like a living room, to wait for our meeting with Linda. The waiting room is where customers wait for their orders.

Crossroads' Food Pantry gives a "food basket" providing a three day emergency supply of food to families in need up to six times a year. Crossroads emergency program also distributes bus tokens and maintains an emergency fund which is used to assist with such things as gasoline, prescriptions, utility bills and rent.

While waiting for Linda in the waiting room, VISTAs couldn't help but notice how fast and efficient the Crossroads Urban Center staff and volunteers were. Every two minutes a staff/volunteer member came out of the back with a filled order. A name was called, the customer appreciatively took the order which was wrapped in a paper bag, and it was on to the next.

VISTAs were given a tour of Crossroads. We were both shocked to see how much supplies were in storage. Everything from soup and beans to baby formula and diapers was stored in the basement.


347 South 400 East
Salt Lake City, 84111


Linda Hilton
801-364 7765 ex. 110


Linda informed me that she takes student volunteers with a criminal record, and that she does not require a background check.


Volunteers help Crossroads by unloading trucks, sorting food, and filling orders.


Next, Linda took VISTAs to Crossroads Thrift Store located on 14th West & Indiana Avenue (840 south). The coordinators at the thrift store said they would be happy to take any volunteers at any time, but would prefer volunteers with some stability of schedule. Volunteers at the thrift store sort through donated items. VISTAs went in back where there was literally a mountain of bags filled with donated goods from clothes to furniture to children's toys. I noticed that they had a very nice supply of male flannels if anyone is interested. : )


1385 Indiana Ave
Salt Lake City, 84104-2754
(801) 359-8837

Linda Hilton’s Needs:

For large service projects, Linda requested that we give her plenty of notice if any groups/ clubs on campus are planning on collecting and then donating large quantities of merchandise to Crossroads Urban Center. She also requested that a group of students would be willing to volunteer to help to unload the truck of donated items and then to sort them.

Start volunteering today! You can visit their
website and also check out their information in The Exchange.

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