09 November 2010

Fellow Knitters Unite: for Women in Uganda, Africa!

I have been working in Uganda, East Africa for the past 11 years with girls who chose not to be circumcised. While there, I have met many women who have been circumcised and as a result suffer from Fistula because of difficulty in delivery during childbirth. This leaves the women incontinent of urine and often both urine and feces. Because they have no recourse to this problem, no pads, no surgery, they are asked to live outside their compound due to the bad smell that this condition creates.

This summer my husband and I will be traveling with a medical team to Uganda. Doctors will perform the surgery to repair this condition. The NGO sponsoring the work is Interethnic Health Alliance from Salt Lake City.

It is my hope that we might be able to give these women a new blanket and a new dress with which they will return to their community. We need about 2500 squares for these blankets and we will purchase the dresses for them in Uganda.

Here are the knitting instructions:
Yarn: washable, plain colors, mixing colors in one square is fine.
Needles: #10
Instructions: Cast on 40 stitches, knit 38 rows, not counting cast-on row.
Piece should measure 11 X 11. (I have been told that 11/11 holds much significance, so thought I’d try it!)

***If you don’t knit, a donation of $10 for a dress would be wonderful. You can make a donation through interethnichealthalliance.org. They accept Paypal and all major credit cards.

Please watch “A Road to Beautiful” NetFlix, free on streaming video.

Please contact: lindachamberlain@comcast.net

send squares to: 1754 E. Ft. Douglas Cir. SLC 84103

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