13 October 2010

EnviroClub presents: Cleaner Community Seminar


  • Adriaan Boogaard: speaking about conserving the Jordan River.
  • Heal Utah: on nuclear waste.
  • Sharon Clark: talking about the dangers of flouride in our water.
  • Peaceful Uprising: encouraging community action.
  • Todd Lehman and Raina Mahanes, about our local air pollution.

    Please bring your questions and suggestions! There will be an open discussion at the end and I encourage you to come make your voice heard!

    When: Friday, Oct. 15 from 5:00-8:00 p.m.

    Where: Student Event Center (across from the Lair in the Student Center)

    Free Parking! You may park in the visitor lots, or if it's full feel free to park in the Student Parking (yellow lines)

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    1. Lets all pull together as a loving family...Love the World that weve been given and spread positive enrgy.Love and lite to the children for caring about our Universe...Your all so special to me.