20 September 2010

Spend your lunch time learning how to manage money!

What? Sponsored by Trio/Student Support Services. Spend your lunch time learning how to manage money. Feel free to bring your "brown bag" lunch and join us. Free and open to ALL students.

Where? ALL workshops will be held in the Student Center lower level, Parlor B

When? All workshops are on selected Thursdays, 12:00 - 12:50 pm

"Financial Aid and Loans" September 23
Ever wonder if you should take out loans to go to school? Come to this workshop and learn what time of loans are available and when is the best time to take out loans. Youw ill also learn about budgeting remainder funds and the long term impact of loan debt.

"Getting off the Financial Roller Coaster" on October 28
Learn tools that will help you get of the Financial Roller Coaster. Leave the ups and downs behind and get on the track that will help you be more aware of where your moeny is going and develop a plan to save for an emergency fund.

"Feed a Family: 6 - 3 - 4" on November 18th

Give yourself a pay raise while boosting your energy level!
Discover our NEW "6-4-3" Meal Plan
6- delicious dinners made from scratch in 6 minutes
3 - less than $3 per meal
4- Enough to feed a family of 4 adults!

"Holiday Spending" on December 2nd
The holidays are upon us and so is the temptation to spend, spend, and spend. Join us to learn some easy holiday saving tips, how to be financially prepared for next year, and share some of your own successes!

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