20 September 2010

S.O.A.P. (Student Orphan Aid Program) GET INVOLVED! :)

What? Club Utah S.O.A.P, a SLCC club, works to combat poverty by providing education opportutnities to orphans. By means of simple fundraisers, we can change a child's life!

Become a UTAH SOAP club member or club leader! Today's world looks for leadership experience. Don't miss your chance to build your leadership skills and make a difference at the same time!

When/where? Interviews will be held for leadership positions at the Taylorsville Redwood campus between September 15tha nd October 1st.

Call to set up your appointment now!
Dut Bior
SLCC Soap President
435-647- 6298


  1. Help is needed in all places. The best spot to start is where people are already reaching out for it.

    Education is the key to a better life.

  2. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION; for sure. I'm wondering how we can streamline this process? I've been thinking "solution-based" and not "focusing on the issues". Yes, they're an important facet of the creative avenues we'll take to "make everything happen", but i know that collectively, we're more powerful than singularly. I'd like to get music into the picture. I'll research and call guitar manufacturers and see if i can get donations!