13 July 2010

Sabu Help is Looking for Volunteers!

What? Sabu Help is looking for volunteers to help on an activity at Park Silly Market .

Sabu Help is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the poor entrepreneurs of rural areas, help themselves. They help by teaching these people effective ways to produce food, earn an income, while raising healthy and happy families.

The vision of the Park Silly Sunday Market is:
To grow and expand the experience of the inclusive quality of commUnity.
To create worldwide recognition of Park City, Utah as the place where local, national and international causes are brought to light and addressed in the spirit of celebration and connectedness.

Volunteers will:
Sabu Help will set up a booth to promote itself and sell staff as well. They will also be providing an activity for 50-150 kids. They are looking for people to help create/monitor activities for children.

When? July 25 from 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

Where? Park City

Contact: Abio Ayeliya @ 801-834-4992
President, Sabu Help

Thank you for your support and commitment to Sabu Help and the people of Ghana, West Africa!

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