04 June 2010

Volunteer with Refugee Communities At New Roots of UTAH

What? New Roots of Utah is a collaborative project within Salt Lake County's Refugee Pathways to Self Sufficiency Program. The purpose of the project is to provide land, facilities, and technical guidance to Utah's refugee communities who are interested in growing food for both consumption and sale. Farming is one of many ways by which refugees are providing a healthy, self-suficient life for themselves and their families in Utah.

Volunteers will:

  • prepare paths and beds for cultivation.
  • manually rake dirt back from the pathways and into the garden beds.

    This will prepare the paths for a mulch layer that will serve as the farm's pathways for coming years!

    When? Saturday, June 19th. 8am-12pm

    Where? New Roots Refugee Micro Training Farm and Community Gardens
    3060 S Lester St. (3100 S Redwood Rd.) West Valley City

    Contact: Steven Storheim @ 801-953-5163

    1. Thank you for putting trash on my door. Is it too difficult and expensive to send a letter?

      I will definitely NOT be supporting this cause.

      Spencer Halling has no respect for private property.

    2. New Roots of Utah is a shining example within the state of a positive humanitarian effort which has direct benefits for the refugee communities who seek friendship and understanding, and for the greater Salt Lake community, who seek to be gracious hosts and cultural bridges for the state's refugee families.

      Much respect and admiration for New Roots SLC Refugees Pathways to Self Sufficiency Program.

      A world based on cultural awareness, mutual understanding and innovative community programs of friendship and sustainable development is possible. New Roots is one way to become involved...

      Pete Rasmussen
      Sandhill Farms, Eden, Utah