17 February 2010

Is social media actually disengaging?

We hear this comment a lot: "Social media? Aren't you in the business of engaging students with the community?" In the minds of some, online media is counter-productive, even counter-intuitive to traditional face-to-face community engagement. Some think that online environments actually encourage people to become disengaged.

While in some respects this can be true, as proponents of social media we tend to disagree with that statement. We think many people simply underestimate the power of the medium, or even misunderstand the ways in which we can use it to engage with our communities offline.

Check out this interesting article from Mashable.com. It gives online organizers seven ideas for using social media as a way to plan offline events.

"Conferences, meetings, and parties [we would add volunteer opps] are all events that might not have started online, but which can definitely benefit from online promotion and mention. Leverage your offline event with some smart social media marketing. Here are seven ways you can maximize exposure of your event using online tools." Read more...

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